4Bs Formula Questions and Concerns



“Let Me Answer Your Questions and Concerns”


How do I know if The “4Bs” is for me?

The “4Bs” is a NEW, natural opportunity available for you to take control of your migraine before it blows. This might be a different and unique holistic approach for you while traditionally, you take your regular pain reliever once you’re in pain. Meanwhile, I consider The “4Bs” the first and foremost #1 step toward defeating migraines naturally, because it’ll save your body further physiological struggle and damage. Migraines are certainly connected to other health problems. Unless you address and CORRECT these problems-underlying root causes- you won’t be able to take full control of your migraines and get a long-term solution.

Are The “4Bs”easy to prepare and take?

The key success of The “4Bs” is preparation. You need to do it in ADVANCE. Super easy to follow step by step detailed information sheet is included your kit.

When should I start seeing result?

If it’s taken at the right time-set off stage-very SHORTLY afterwards.

Liquid formula will give you a positive turnaround instantly.

Tablets  formula will give you a positive turnaround in 5-10 minutes.

From this… To This!
Confused, worried, and anxious Think clearly and feel secure
Unstable and highly emotional Normal action and stay positive
Fatigue, irritable, and hopeless Stay optimistic and keep energy

What if I skip or miss any details?

Preparing The “4Bs” is easy as a pie! 3 words you need to remember. Once you take them into your heart and bind them at your wrist, a transformation will manifest. The “4Bs” must accompany you wherever you are and wherever you go.

What if I get a migraine?

Following my instructions won’t disappoint you. Although, it may happen sometimes; take in consideration the severity and the complexity of your migraines and their underlying root causes. Making the first step-taking The “4Bs”-toward a new holistic health approach is the key to opening the door to your optimal health as well as to dominating your migraines.

Taking The “4Bs” at the exact time when the FIRST signs illustrate will do the trick!

I hear you saying: “That’s the most difficult part…” I understand; it used to happen to some of my clients every time they I didn’t follow closely and properly denying the very FIRST signs.

But now, it’s time for you to BREAK the habit and take QUICK ACTION. This will occur when you believe in this fact: You’re getting migraines because your body system is out of balance. The “4Bs” will assist your body in correcting this disharmony temporarily to turn off a migraine before it blows.

Have anyone tried The “4Bs” and experienced good result?

Yes, The “4Bs” products are among other health restoration protocols that obtain extracts and phytochemicals – naturally-occurring compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and other living things. These substances have been used for over 60 years by thousands of practitioners. People find TREMENDOUS results from consuming them. I could put this essential kit together for this specific health condition-turning off a migraine- for what I found they work together synergistically to correct the out of balance health state.

I was in the same situation that you’re in right now. I know how it feels and how bad it can be. My perseverance and commitment to find a natural solution led me to find The “4Bs”. It worked for me, for my clients,  and NOW it can work for you!

Besides, why should I bother and spend a fortune to establish a holistic practice assisting and serving clients with their migraines, if I wasn’t sure that I can MASTER this considered ‘least understood and poorly treated medical disorders’? If not, it would be a lot easier for me to deal only with a typical daily job without exhausting myself handling this complicated health condition.

What if I have any questions and would like to talk to you?

I’ll be there for you, holding your hand, and answering your questions and concerns in the “Health Fountain Club” section. You’ll also be connected with other fellows sharing, learning, and supporting one another. You’ll never be alone nor feeling misunderstood again!

But, I’m kind of hesitant!

If you feel hesitant, I’m not surprised or blame you at all… I understand. That’s how migraines take their toll on your whole-self by leaving you sometimes with a feeling of poor confidence  and confused mind disabling you from making firm decisions. They take the lead and control your body, mind, and spirit.

I invite you to awaken your ability now in order to put your whole life back on track… where you can brighten up your days, reconnect with your loved ones, and sparkle like a star.

“But… this is NOT for Everyone!”

What if I want to keep taking drugs?

I want to be completely honest with you…my goal as a holistic practitioner is caring for your overall health and to help you defeat your migraines WITHOUT the use of drugs by applying the wholesome foods philosophy. If you’ve read this far, then I hope I won’t be disappointing you by saying that my help might not be right for you…

Here are the facts, taking or combining conventional medicine and alternative medicine can sometimes be helpful and some other times can be interactive and contradicted. Personally, I didn’t take any drugs nor I had a previous experience with mixing these 2 OPPOSITE approaches together assisting my clients. If this is a new path for you, I strongly recommend that you must inform your health care practitioner and work closely together.

If you are just completely unwilling to switch your approach, but still want to see real changes on dominating your migraines… well again, you might be disappointed.  But if you are FED UP, FRUSTRATED, frankly EXHAUSTED… and ready for some serious change… then I can’t wait to show you what I can do for you!

Can you say more about The “4Bs”?

The “4Bs” can be a good fit for you; they save you time and money!

My true and accurate comfort is at your hands. You don’t need to WASTE more time and money searching outside the box, experimenting, and studying as I did for more than 5 years to discover an effective healthy way on your own…I did the hard work for you!

The world around you is full of humongous information that might be confusing, misleading and money wasting. I have found all you need… and I’m ready to share it with you NOW!

Get enthusiastic, decide to make everyday special, and have the intention to be ready to start a new healthy day!

Find the accurate needed information and the expertise -an experienced person you can trust- to overcome this distress is the PRECISE key to the big gate of a new healthy journey. This took a lot of effort on my part, a long time study, and it cost me a fortune. I completed my homework and here I’m reaching my hand to you.



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