Are You at Risk?

Good Health Depends on Working plumbing, and that Depends on a Healthy Digestive System!

Your digestive and bowel health are so important.

Your digestive system- you digestive and bowel health-is responsible of delivering critically important vitamins and nutrition to your system. Dr. Bernard Jensen States, “80% of all diseases start in colon. It’s crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems.” Fortunately, once you fix your digestive problems, almost everything else can get better.”

Do You Suffer from Any of These Nagging Symptoms?

Abdominal Discomfort

Bad breath

Body Odor



Occasional Diarrhea

Dull Skin and Hair Tone


Irritable Bowel


Protruding Belly

Unexplained Fatigue

Unexplained weight Gain

If you do, are you making your symptoms worse by taking antiacids, drugs, laxatives….?

You’re about to discover how popular laxative, drugs and antacids ‘rot away’ your digestive tract causing pain!

Your system comes to rely on antacids and “forget” how to operate normally:

1- They suppress pepsin, a stomach acid vital to digest protein

2- Many of the products contain ALUMINUM, a toxic heavy metal that’s been potentially linked to Alzheimer’s

3- Some contain calcium carbonate. Excessive use of this can lead to kidney stones and constipation

4-“Antiacids will sometimes cause your stomach to produce more acid-a condition called acid rebound, which worsens your gastrointestinal problem” – Dr. Ronald Hoffman

Some scientists have linked non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as Naproxen and Ibuprofen to overgrowth yeast problem. Below, I share some important quotes to keep risk of painful horror away:

  • Long-term use of antacids can result in side-effects, including diarrhea”– The National Institute of Health, Federal Government
  • Prilosec actually worsen your problem because they reduce vital stomach acid used to digest your food”– Dr. Mercola
  • Arthritis drug users who take antiacids may risk bleeding”- The Associated Press and The Washington Post Health
  • People who have been taking acid-suppressing drugs were 400% more likely to get pneumonia than people who hadn’t taken the drugs…”– U.S. News & World Report, international magazine. The results of an antiacids study of 500,000 people involving 149 doctors revealed the above little- know conclusion


Noor De-Vie May 2012 educational topic “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” by Suzanne Abboud CNE



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