B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome

“…What Can Be the Root Cause of:

Weakness and fatigue

Depression and anxiety

Exhaustion after meals, indigestion and insufficient stomach

Poor appetite and craving for sweets

Paralyzing heart disease, hypoglycemia and anorexia

Neuritis and neuralgia

Noise sensitivity headaches and insomnia

Nervousness and forgetfulness

Mental problems such as severe apprehension and uneasiness, vague or morbid fears, rage and hostility, hallucinations, and debilitating and constant fear that something horrible is going to happen?

There are not too many things that can mimic so many health problems, disorders, and diseases as B-Complex Deficiency Syndrome (BCDS). This is the technical name for a B-vitamin complex deficiency, and it can cause or mimic just about everything, from paralyzing heart disease to radical emotional problems. It sneaks up on most people. It gets worse after pregnancy or prolonged illness.

It’s common among children who eat almost no foods rich in whole B vitamins because they mostly consume processed foods and sweets that make a B-vitamin deficiency worse. Literally millions of Americans are sick every day because of BCDS. And for the most part, they never know about it, never find out about it, are incorrectly treated with prescription drugs because of it, and eventually die young from it.”

Adapted from: Health Alert, When All Other Treatments Fails, May 2011/ Volume 28, Issue 5, Secret Treatment of the Month

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