Can’t Fall asleep?

Your mind race while you’re in bed, feel a heartburn, bloated having gas, and more… All this keep you from falling or staying asleep.

Sleep problems like these can be caused by foods are already considered healthy for you. The issue is they cause discomfort reaction in your body keeping you from getting a good night sleep.

The good news is this can be easily fixed by simply adjusting your dinner plate:

The Worst ‘Healthy’ Foods Never Eat Right Before Bed

Spicy Foods- like hot sauce; it raises your body temperature which makes it harder for you to fall asleep in the first place.

Steak- Red meat takes a long time to digest. This means while you should be sleeping your body is working hard to digest all that fat and protein which may lead to gas or bloating. Tip: Add 1-2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar onto your salad dish.

Citrus Fruit-They’re vitamin C powerhouses give your body energy but just not before you sleep!

Best Foods To Eat For A Good Night Sleep

Any food with magnesium Sufficient levels of magnesium helps your body create the fundamental sleep hormone melatonin. Without this, sleep quality declines as you struggle to fall and stay asleep:

1) Magnesium shuts your body off by calming overactive nerves. This in turn relaxes tense muscles giving your body that “heavy” feeling when your head hits the pillow.

2) It also lowers brain temperature, which reduces neuronal activity in your brain, stopping those thoughts from racing keeping you from falling asleep.

Good food sources of magnesium:Bananas, almonds, spinach and quinoa. Also, you can even absorb magnesium through your skin by either taking an Epsom Salt bath before bed. Or, spraying magnesium oil on tender body skin areas like your stomach, soft lower skin part between elbows and shoulders and inner upper legs

Melatonin Containing Food/production

Miso, made from fermented soy, which contains amino acids that help boost your body’s production of melatonin

Cherries, which are a natural source of melatonin like drinking tart cherry juice

Salmon, which helps your body produces melatonin because it contains vitamin B6. Other foods high in vitamin B6 are rice bran, pistachios, garlic, sunflower seeds and avocadoes.

Tryptophan Containing Food

The amino acid tryptophan in milk, banana, oatmeal and turkey meat when entered into the body gets converted into serotonin — which promotes restful sleep. Combining complex carbs; milk, bananas and oatmeal help tryptophan to enter your brain. For you, it means promoting even more deep sleep!

Good rest and sleep is the best body natural medicine 🙂

References:The Healthy Back Institute


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