Concerned about Migraine? Then Consider Body Physiological Causal Connections


Any symptom in the body including a migraine is a warning sign saying that something is going wrong and not functioning well. There are substances or circumstances considered to be triggers and causes which can activate a migraine. It can be one thing or it can be a combination. Everyone’s migraine is individual and unique. Try to stay away from any of them can certainly help, but what about your individual body physiological real causal connections? Let me explain further.

Holistic medicine is practicing a Nutritional Therapy vs. Allopathic Therapy that can help a client/patient who has the condition rather than treating the condition. It’s about Biochemistry vs. Chemistry. Why this work?

This therapy would get the body chemistry back into balance through consuming wholesome food, practicing natural lifestyle and being surrounded with clean environment. This wellness practice approach is comprehensive with emphasis on nourishing the WHOLE person, so the body nurtures, repairs and heals itself. All body systems and organs are perfectly well designed to work synergistically achieving optimal health. The same thing is as in a car. No single device or part can make the car runs, but all parts working together.  Here are three examples of body physiological causal connections:

  • Afternoon headache/headache between meals is related to low blood sugar
  • Feeling queasy/headache over eyes is related to your gallbladder
  • Feeling like head splitting in two from frontal lobe/headache before periods is related to your hormones imbalance

Whatever is your headaches/migraines type, you keep getting them because you’re constantly masking your pain/symptoms, but not correcting these body physiological causes. In this case, you’re not giving your body what it needs, in contrary you’re providing it with the wrong supply. The result is not only keep suffering, but creating more internal body system or organ damage that may escalate down the road to become irreversible.

Learn more about what body physiological causal connections might be here.





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