If You Vaccinate, Ask 8!

It’s cold/flu season once again at this time of the year.

Vaccination reminder is everywhere. Are you informed to make the right choice for you and family?

If You Vaccinate, Ask 8!

What you need to know before & after vaccination, go to http://www.nvic.org/to learn more about the role of informed consent in vaccination.

7 Ways to Protect Yourself against Flu/Cold:

1- Get enough sleep

2- Exercise regularly

3- Manage your stress

4-Consume high quality of protein

5- Add fermented foods to your daily diet

6- Eat twice more vegetable than fruits

7- Season your favorite dishes with raw garlic, herbs and spices

You can catch cold/flu, but you can’t catch health. So, build it!

“No treasure greater than a healthy body”-Sirach 31:16

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