Is What You’re Consuming Causes You Migraines?

Are these Health Problems sound familiar to you?

Change in vision

Sleep problems/insomnia


slurred speech

Memory loss

Brain tumors

Poor equilibrium (bodily balance, emotional stability)

Change in heart rate – heart palpitations

Fatigue and weakness

Neurological/behavioral symptoms including headaches, dizziness, and mood changes such as depression and anxiety, seizure and convulsion

Gastrointestinal symptoms  including nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramps/pain and diarrhea

Allergic type and/or dermatologic symptoms  including hives and rash

Alterations in menstrual patterns 

Migraine headaches


Guess what is causing all the above health problems?

It’s any kind or brand of artificial sweeteners.

Here’s a list of some of them:  Saccharin (Seet’N Low), aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet, Amino Sweet, Canderel, Natra Tase, Spoonful, Neotame), and sucralose (Splenda). 


Check out the following information:

(1) Dangerous Synthetics

Aspartame is known as a cancer-causing compound in rats. It’s composed of aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol. It was approved for food use by the FDA in 1981. The brand names of Aspartame are: NutraSweet, along with Equal, Spoonful, Indulge, Equal-Measure, etc…

Aspartame was discovered by accident in 1965 when a chemist with G.D. Searle Pharmaceutical was testing an anti-ulcer drug. He happened to lick his hand, and the rest is history… Aspartame kills brain neurons. Russell L. Blaylock, professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi’s Medical Center, explains in his book Excito-toxins: The Taste That Kills that though aspartame and glutamate (in the chemically related substance MSG) is a neurotransmitter normally found in the brain and spinal cord.

When aspartame reaches certain levels it causes the death of brain neurons. The risk to infants, children, and pregnant women are higher because the blood/brain barrier, which normally protect the brain, is not fully developed until adulthood.

Dr. Blaylock and numerous other experts believe that long-term exposure to excito-toxins may play a part in diseases such as: Brain lesions and tumors, Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease, Epilepsy, Hearing problems, Lupus, Memory loss, Multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease.

(2) One study found that high aspartame levels affect cellular enzyme activity, interfering  with antioxidants and with non-nutritive additives like commonly used food coloring agents, found a cumulative effect that increased cellular toxicity to significant levels (Lau et. al., 2006).

No chemicals in our bodies are isolated so compounds such as aspartame will interact with food, alcohol, medicines and environmental toxins in unique and unpredictable ways. We need to minimize chemical soup in our blood.

For two decades the aspartame controversy has continued to simmer, leaving respectable organizations with opposing verdicts. The American Diabetes Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Epilepsy Institute endorse aspartame as safe (though it is a matter of record that several of these organizations have received donation from NutraSweet).


 Products Contain Aspartame- Black list of Aspartame

Beware of food products containing these words: “Lite”, “Diet”, “Low-calorie” and “No calorie”.

Among these are: Diet iced teas, Diet soft drinks, Crystal Light, Yogurt lite, Diet Jell-O, Some cereals, and Some children’s vitamins. (3)

The unprecedented number of complaints caused the FDA to call in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who concluded that adverse reactions to aspartame were occurring in “unusually sensitive” individuals, but that there was insufficient evidence to prove existence of wide-spread health problems attributable to its consumption.



(1) Excerpted from an article by Bill Strubbe, a California-based freelance writer who confesses to having once been addicted to Sweet tarts. Introduction of Nutrition Handbook (distance learning program) p131-132-133-134)

(2) (Aspartame Research: Questions Remain by Jodi Friedlander M.S. & Edward Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D. Introduction of Nutrition Handbook (distance learning program) p 133-134)

(3) ( –  

Looking for Artificial Sweeteners Alternative?

Certified organic cane sugar

Raw, unfiltered, and unheated organic honey



4 Responses to Is What You’re Consuming Causes You Migraines?

  • Hi,
    I am trusting the Lord that I found your website because I prayed and prayed for a way to prevent migraine, the type I experience are the aura migraines, which just hit without warning, I pray for Lord to reveal what is the trigger so I can prevent it. I feel like my life is a constant fear not knowing when one will happen again. i believe it is additives that trigger .
    Not sure if this is the kind of comment expected on here ,but I am alone with this nobody around me knows how i feel .

    • “The Lord hear the cry of the poor. Blessed be the Lord”

      Jackie, first you’re not alone in this! Second, no one knows, realizes or understands what you’re going through except the one how tastes, suffers and experiences migraines. And I did… I know how you feel and how bad it can be.
      Your comments are very important to me. How would you like me to help you? Would you like to spend some time talking about your migraines with me?

      • Hi Suzanne,
        thank you for your reply , I am a christian and have been prayed for many many times for healing from migriane, recently I went to church where a healing service was happening and went for prayer , i have a phobia of any sort of medication or supplement I am scared to take anything in fear of side effects or migraine. I know i should not fear because the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear ,but I just cannot help it , i fear migraine all the time it is horrible .i have cut out every type of food that is manmade and only eat very plain food especially since finding that additive in bread .it is very difficult because i don’t have a lot of money and here in the UK the recession is hitting us hard especially where i live in the north it is a very poor area .
        I have prayed and asked the Lord to reveal to me what the cause is .I am still waiting , thank you for this website .
        bless you from Jackie

  • Hi Jackie,

    Believe me I was in your shoes living in constant fear expecting migraines to hit me any minute…
    Furthermore, I couldn’t effort to buy any medication or supplements back then for we barely had our daily bread…

    But God heard my crying and answered my need. He was able to change my life slowly…, but surely.

    In spite of my endless suffering having 2 migraines per week with every attack would last for 3 days. So how many days were left to catch up my breath and energy?
    The cross was extremely heavy. Nevertheless, he gave me patience, he helped me to remain faithful and he presented a full time job!

    Knowing that physically I was severely weak; I had neither energy or vitality to watch over little ones. A nanny position required full attention, responsibility and supervision keeping little precious sound and safe. How did I do it!? I trusted my Lord, my God and he conferred me the spirit of faith, courage and peace. Otherwise I’d never make it to where I am today.

    God has a plan for each of us.
    What can be God’s plan for you, Jackie?
    May God touch you, open your heart to do his will and grant you his blessings and grace.

    I’d like to share my belief with you: I may be a poor person, but I’m rich of God’s presence and act in my life.

    Before you go I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with a gift you’ve been longing for. This probably can be your answer to my question of “What kind of Gift Will this Christmas Give You?”

    Meanwhile, I urge you to remember when it comes to migraine, it not ONLY staying away from triggers will keep a migraine away from you, but supplying your body with what it needs and remain faithful applying particular guidance can help you live migraine captivity-free. Please see attachment. You can add what you just found!

    “Money and wealth are not the most important elements in our lives. Without health the richest man or woman is truly poor. Remember, if you don’t give a rip about your own health, nobody else will make your quest for health at least as important as your quest for wealth”- Unknown

    Let’s stay in touch,

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