Making Positive Change in People’s Life!

Being a part of Sequoia Y fitness team instructors making a positive change in people’s life is a gift for me.

I had a great success since 2013 to present leading the Enhance Fitness Class for senior. It’s an evidence-based program, give recommendations for physical activities in healthy aging to stay active, well and independent. Watching participants improvement progress witnessing tangible result is a great accomplishment and success. More to come in 2015!

EF picinic 1

I keep members:

Motivated, committee and inspired,

Create friendships, and guide them toward their goals!


EF picnic 2

I keep it fun- a picnic event!

Make sure you include fitness activity in your new year resolution. As your body needs the following to thrive; Food, water, sleep and air, it also needs workout. It’s an equal necessity to remain well and healthy.

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