Merry Christmas & Hapy New Year


Each year is a gentle reminder of God’s gift of life on this earth,

He created a world filled with beauty for us to enjoy from our birth,

He gives us His love to surround us,

He listens to every request…

And through every year that God gives you, may you celebrate life and feel blessed.

Merry Christmas


 Happy New Year

2 Responses to Merry Christmas & Hapy New Year

  • my christmas and new year was terrible , i was in constant fear of a migraine aura , today i had another one i wish i was dead.

    • Hi Jackie,

      I’m sorry to hear this and I understand all you’re going through…
      It’s very frustrating to live in this constant fear. However, this will continue unless you change the way you deal and face your migraines. There must be a change otherwise nothing will change about your migraines.

      In your case – experiencing the aura before migraine attacks- considering taking the “4Bs” Formula can save you attacks. Do you see yourself in this:

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