She Called Me Saying:”My Migraine Just Came From Nowhere!”

Last couple days in the morning, Rita (45 yr) had to accompany her husband (a handyman) to give him a hand. Once she stepped into their Jimmy truck, Rita got hit by a strong gasoline odor coming out from the lawnmower sitting in the back of the truck that needs to be taken to the repair. Rita opened all windows, including the back upper glass door of the truck to get some fresh air while driving.

In the afternoon, Rita started to feel ‘extreme thirst’. No matter how much water she would drink, it was never enough to fill up her thirst. Furthermore, that night she didn’t sleep well, felt irritable and not herself. Next day, she spent her whole day as usual in her office working behind the computer. The following morning, she woke up with a bad headache-migraine. She didn’t know why she got it, so she called me saying: “My migraine just came from nowhere”.

After a very short Q&A, Rita and I discovered the cause behind her unknown migraine source. It was the inhaling of the gasoline chemical. This contact was enough to affect her nervous system (NS) as well as the long exposure of (EMF) electromagnetic field from working the whole day behind her computer.

Rita could have kept the migraine away by taking immediately the “4Bs” right after she inhaled the gasoline chemical, or once she experienced the extreme thirst- one of the First Signs of a migraine Set Off stage. Taking the “4Bs” would have corrected the out-of-balance nervous system (NA) and bring her body system biological balance back.

As I explained to you on how to Turn Unruly Symptoms into Steps that Rule by keeping the “4Bs” with you wherever you are and wherever you go as your shadow and take it instantly at the First Sign. Ignoring, postponing, or procrastinating will open the door to an attack! I invite you to check the following link to learn more on how to avoid a migraine and save yourself pain, time, and money:

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