What Are You Doing on 4rth of July

animal without anitibiotics

The Fourth of July holiday is one of the biggest weekends for meat sales (150 million wieners).

You know enough not to take antibiotics everyday just to keep from getting sick, since it weakens their effectiveness for when you really need them. But most conventional beef, poultry and pork sold in our grocery stores come from animals routinely fed antibiotics to promote their growth or so they can survive in filthy feedlots, rather than just giving them medicine when they are sick.

All this overuse on livestock is contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ in both animals and people. Unless we stop this practice, there may be a day when our antibiotics no longer work.

Let your voice be heard @  https://secure.consumersunion.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2799&autologin=true

Resource: NotinMyFood.org

Happy 4rth of July!

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