What You Should Know About Antibiotic Use


Have you noticed lately when you or anyone you may know, catches cold or gets the flu stays ill for over a month? And moreover, the sick person ends up taking a course of antibiotic in order to fight any existing body infection.

There are several levels of antibiotic medicine use. Unfortunately, after having the antibiotic resistance health problem a healthcare provider has to jump to prescribe the highest level dose in order to defeat the infection. Why and how antibiotic resistance becomes a GLOBAL health crisis, not only to be public, but to Mother Nature and animals as well?

Learn more about this critical issue to keep yourself informed and protected from potential serious health risks:


This can be a beginning toward a solution: http://www.certifiedhumane.org/index.php?page=take-action

Your health is worth the time to checking these links don’t you think?

Stay tuned to learn more how to be protected.



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