A Magic Pill


The  human body is a self-healing mechanism. It has the ability to healing, repairing, and reconstructing itself, but only when you provide what it needs, clean air, purified water, and real food. Any symptom in the body would mean that something is not functioning well, a body system or an organ. Symptoms are the body language saying that your body chemistry is out of balance. This might be caused by improper diet, lifestyle, stress, inadequate digestion, liver congestion…

Today’s illnesses list has no end including migraine. This is because the body processes become so unbalanced that the standard potency of food is insufficient, lacks the required nutrients and minerals. Not only this, bad food socks the life out of your body; it needs all kind of nutrients from your body to get metabolize, but they give none in return…

We consume industrialized foods, processed foods, genetically engineered foods, and foods grown on depleted soil that has greatly reduced the availability of proper foods need to meet the body’s requirements. The result is the great need of consuming whole food concentrates over an adequate amount of time that is often necessary to correct the resulting deficiencies, promote healing, and return the body to a stage of homeostasis.

“Disease is not the presence of something evil but rather the lack of the presence of something essential” –Jensen, Bernard, D.C., Ph.D., and Mark Anderson, Empty Harvest: Understanding the Link Between Our Food, Our Immunity, and Our Planet

Two present day examples of commercially-produced foods that lack the nutrients found in their organic counterparts include the tomato and spinach: 1) One study revealed that commercially-produced tomatoes contain 1 mg of iron and 0-5mg of vitamin C, while organically-grown tomatoes have 1,938 mg of iron and 125-250 mg of vitamin C. 2) Commercially produced spinach contains 49 mg of iron; its organic equivalent contains 1, 584mg.

There might be a ‘magic pill’ to suppress  a symptom that leads to side effects- new symptoms- keeping you running into a vicious cycle. But there’s a fact to overcome health symptoms/illnesses:

1- Bad out

2- Good in

3-Give me (the body) some time

Get your body chemistry or biological imbalance back and your body will have the ability to repair and heal itself overcoming any health problem including migraine.

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