Your Right to Know!

If you’re a wealthy rich person and can’t find real food to buy to eat, how then,  your fortune would serve you? Time is running out. It’s now, or it may be never! Passing this state law in California will have the same impact as a national labeling law. For the first time in the US, the decision will be put into the hands of voters, YOU. This is the final hope for Americans to achieve basic GMO labeling- Proposition 37: Your Right To Know

It’s your future, the future of your children even more it’s the future of the planet your origin home!


If you don’t know what is GMO or GM Food (Genetically Modified Organism) or (Genetically Modified Food) watch any of these short YouTube videos about Monsanto-An Evil Company and make a conscious choice.

Even worse, are big large corporations, The Organic Trade Associations stab organic consumers on the back (red section)?

50 countries around the world do GMO labeling, including Russia, China and the entire EU.


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