The 3 KEYS Culprit You Must Know about to Control Your Migraines

Through my long hardship journey of discovering a holistic long-term solution for my migraines, it appeared to me that the following 3 Keys play a crucial role in migraine setting. I call this L.E.D. for short.

L: Lifestyle

E: Environment

D: Diet

Once you’re under migraine pain you want to do whatever you can to get yourself out of this unpleasant and unbearable period. You may find little or no relief in either over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, or even natural remedies. More often you wish what else can be done can help in such miserable situation.

I experienced the same when nothing helped during an attack. However, let me assure you that there’s something you can do before and after so you can start seeing improvement, reducing migraines by strength and frequency.

# 1 Key Culprit: Consider checking your lifestyle; you may need to make some necessary changes such as exercise more, manage stress, follow a stable sleep pattern…

# 2 Key Culprit: While physical, emotional, or mental stress is considered the # 1 migraine trigger, some food and beverages in your diet might be responsible too. Notice your diet by using a daily dairy, you’ll be surprised. However, you’ll discover what you considered as your most heavenly delicious food turned out to be your poison food causing you migraines.

# 3 Key Culprit:Here comes the effect of the environment that you never thought about or take in consideration. Toxic environment can trigger a migraine like chemical exposure, dust, mite dust, pesticides, herbisides, house cleaning products…

Start to pay attention to L.E.D. today. Apply some changes as baby steps to prevent imbalances body system that initiate a migraine.

It’s true that some people never experience headaches in their life, but once they do, these headaches are a warning sign telling them that it is time to pay attention!

For people with migraines, they’ve gone too far in imbalances of their body systems that need close attention, serious action, and full commitment.

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