Do you know your body has its own language talking to you?

Do you know your body has its own language talking to you?


Health Symptoms are your body language.

For instant, what the following body signs mean?

√ Cold sore/herpes

√ Itching skin for no reason

√ Muscle cramps, spasms, and twitching and tingling in the fingers and around the mouth

√ Tooth sensitivity that might escalate to tooth decay or disease, receding gums, gum pockets, bleeding gums.

These are signs of calcium level reserve goes low/calcium deficiency. Body signs may vary from one person to another. Interpreting body symptoms is the first step of sickness or disease prevention. When kept ignored, they’ll high likely develop into serious health issues. Isn’t bone density loss, Osteopenia to Osteoporosis-silent disease- linked to calcium low level? So, are you listening to your body?

Furthermore, if you experience weakness, lack of energy, not wanting to eat, nausea and vomiting, constipation, urinating a lot, belly pain, or bone pain, these symptoms may be caused by a very high calcium level in the blood. NOTE: Calcium levels need to be very high or low to cause symptoms.

You probably are taking your calcium supplement. That’s good, but is your body absorbing the calcium or deposit it somewhere else into your body like your kidneys, joints or arteries? How to know if you’re taking the right usable type? Let me help you making the right choice giving your body what it needs to stay well and strong. Contact me @ 650.465.2778 or email



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