Is Your Migraine Caused by EMF


Do you know that being electromagnetic field (EMF) sensitive can cause you a migraine without you knowing it? One of the symptoms is irritability.

As human we have no protection from the effect of the force of EMF like telecommunication, transmission lines, appliances, microwave, radar, satellite, TV, radio transmissions, cell phones…Long-term exposure to EMF waves causes biological effects. Some people experience similar symptoms others experience increasing in serum triglycerides, cancer cell growth, decrease production of dopamine, serotonin, and nor-epinephrine (neurotransmitters) in the brain; alterations in biological cycles; and increase chronic stress responses that lead to immune system deficiencies.

Although we have a very adaptable biological system when faced with overwhelming insults, our normal mechanisms begin to fail. These effects are magnified in people who already have impaired immune, endocrine, or nervous systems.

Here are 7 simple safety measures you can take to protect against low-frequency waves. Some of them are adapted from “Allergy Relief & Prevention” book by Frances Taylor MA, Jacqueline Krohn MD, Erla Mae Larson RN

1. During the day practice deep breathing exercise to stimulate the nervous system.

2. After a long period of time being exposed to EMF like working on your computer, using frequently a cell, watching T.V, … take a shower. Why? According to the doctor’s complete guide to treatment and self-care above, if you’re electrically sensitive, you’ll find that being near moving water is helpful because of the positive ion level of the air is high. You also, can find some relief if you can be nears a fountain, stream, lake, or ocean, since this is not possible for most people, an alternative would be to stand in a running shower. Even running water over our lower arms and hands a number of times each day can provide relief.

3. Go barefoot as much as possible.

4. When traveling by automobile, try to get out of the car and walk around every half-hour to have ground contact.

5. Keep your bedroom electrical appliances free. This will lower electrical exposure for at least eight hrs. of the day.

6. Use a screening shield to reduce the waves that emanate from your computer screen or use Smart Filter in your office.

7. Nutritionally, a couple of products are recommended to assist your body in strengthen the nervous system, keep it in balance- homeostasis, and to reduce and suppress EMF sensitivity symptoms down like stress out, anger, despair, intolerance to circumstances…

Remember, health always begins inside.

If you’re interested to learn more about how you can strenghten your body immune against EMF, I’ll be happy to assist you here.