Holistic Life

What is Holistic

What, Who, How, and Why

 What’s holistic?

Holistic is a behavior of balancing and integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects in life, as well as practicing green living.


Who are holistic people?

Holistic people strive continually to educate themselves and families about holistic health and green living to maintain and preserve overall health, environmental health and planet.


How they live holistically?

–  They live based on the interconnection of all things in their lives and around them,

–  They get involved making choices that embrace this interconnection, working with  nature that has already done all the work for us-humanity-and use innate sense and knowledge to restore balance,

–  They understand the connection and the outcome of their choices, i.e., how the food  they eat and products they buy can affect them and the environment that may promote health or disease, and

–  They believe in making uninformed and uneducated decisions put their body out of  balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In other word they become sick.


Why they chose holistic life?

They chose to live holistically because they’re conscious of their choices that are the only true way to protect and insure their overall health, offspring and the planet.

Holistic is an old-new healthy way of practicing living just as God created and designed the whole universe (humans, animals, and plants) to thrive and prosper in a perfect balance. For instant, our grand-parents used to live holistically: Breathing pure air, drinking clean purified ground water and eating raw, organic, wholesome foods. Comparing to nowadays lifestyle, the air is  polluted, drinking water is contaminated, and foods is industrialized and artificial. This is the clue secret why population growing sick and diseased…

Human race lost homeostasis (biological balance). How we lost homeostasis? Dr. William J. Yarwood quote described  it precisely:

“In order to understand how we lost homeostasis you must understand your relationship with your environment. When our Creator designed our bodies he designed us to live in harmony with our environment. When we change our environment we are moving against the wisdom of our Creator. That will always result in degeneration. Imagine the Garden of Eden compared to  today’s environment, and you well get a quick idea of how far astray our civilization has wandered from its original design. The closer you move to that design, the healthier you become. The farther away you move from that design, the sicker you become. When you compare the foods, water and air in the Garden of Eden to today’s foods, water and air, you will see a tremendous difference. That difference lies in the information. What you see as food, water and air, your body sees as information. When you put incorrect information in, your body becomes dysfunctional.”

It’s still possible to live holistically and green by trying to go back to the basics of human health diet consuming organic, raw, and real wholefsome foods and by protecting the environment by eliminating the use of chemicals.Unfortunately, as responsible citizens we are left to educate and protect ourselves from the worlds’ greatest health threats-chemically contaminated foods, water, soil and air. Once again, this can be done by:

– Eating organic, fresh, local and seasonal foods that protect our health, the health of the planet, and all its inhabitants for organic farming supports natural ecosystems by liming the input of toxic and persistent chemicals into the air, soil and water,

– Minimizing our impact and detoxing our environment, reducing energy use and buying less stuffs, and

– Teaching the value of respect for the earth and all its creatures for our children.

That’s how living holistically can really save natural life!

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