Your #1 Enemy!


Life changes and stress are fact of life. Too many of us are unaware we’re heavily burdened. The polite word would be stress. However, if stress becomes a constant ongoing cycle, it can crush our spirit and wound our body.

Sharing your pain and frustration is a positive sign. It’s a constructive action step to get stress out  by not letting it damage your inner physiology. As it might be a cause of a migraine.

There’s no doubt that we all are affected and hurt living these trouble times: Poor health, down economy, and global warming crisis. It’s a drastic change that produces a lot of extra stress, worry, and anxiety.

Let’s remain positive and think of change as an opportunity, take advantage of it, and have hope with every step we take. “This is a time when it’s important to count our blessings and focus on what really matters, like maintaining your health. This should be one of your top priorities because without your health, your ability to contribute and logically work through any difficulties that arise will be impaired.”- Dr. David Williams

An example of Dr. Williams quote is when you experience an attack you feel that your ability to handle any situation or problem is almost completely weakened. Understanding that there are two kinds of stress can help you making a good management: 1) Controllable stress, 2) uncontrollable stress.

Speaking of controllable stress, knowing what the cause, becoming aware of how you feel, finding solution, and coping strategy can definitely help you control that stress.

When it comes to uncontrollable stress, I’m going to share with you my secret coping technique. I believe and follow this saying: “If you can’t alter a situation, you must adapt to it since you’re unable to change it.”– Synonym

So, save yourself frustration and anxiousness, and do not add an extra load… exposing yourself to a migraine. Instead, practice to accept your stress until you find a way to get yourself out of it.