Are You Toxic Rich Health Poor?

I’m very excited preparing my upcoming presentation “Are You Toxic Rich Health Poor” to my Holistic Moms Network (HMN) group on June 01, 2011. 

Do you agree that our high-tech, fast-paced modern life forces us to stay exposed to pollution and toxins from all kinds 24/7?

There are approximately 80,000 synthetic chemicals registered for use in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies. Research has shown that many of these chemicals can disrupt our immune, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems.

We all are affected, unless we apply healthy lifestyle tips and strategies to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. This is a fact. During my talk, I’m inviting attendees to imagine seeing themselves in and around the house for one day journey, while together we’ll examine some true  examples directing and leading, unintentionally, to live toxic rich health poor. I’m going to share one example with you: The usage of Non-stick cookware.

Our grand-parents cooked in copper, enamel iron, and/or clay pots. Cooking in these pots give your meal nutrients such as trace minerals. What trace mineral do to you? Let me give you an example: Vanadium and chromium are 2 of minors’ minerals. They balance high blood sugar (diabetes) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) according to Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D. “Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements”.

Comparing to our convenient lifestyle, most of us preparing meals utilizing non-stick pots.

What’s wrong with non-stick cookware or Teflon? 

Using Teflon cookware releases toxins into the air surrounding you. How?  When the temperature reaches the non-stick coating, it causes the chemical to break down and liberate in the air which make Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) chemical that is easily absorbed by your body. It is a persistent organic chemical used in industrial and consumer goods, including the most nonstick cookware and stain- and water-resistant coatings for carpets and fabrics. (Eurekalert January 21, 2010- Environmental Health Perspectives January 7, 2010)

Studies have linked this chemical PFOA to a range of health problems, including thyroid disease, infertility in women, and developmental and reproductive problems in lab animals.

There’s no doubt that all of today technology certainly makes our life more convenient. However, it’s taking toll on our health and each of our body reacts differently. For instant, some of us develop high blood pressure. Some others experience heart problems. Others get cancer… while you get migraines!

The learning lesson is to clean your inner body-Detoxification- as you clean it from the outside by taking showers. Ideally, purify or detoxify your inner body is required once or twice a year. Do you know that toxic liver causes the following symptoms: High blood pressure, high blood sugar, interruption of hormone production, and high cholesterol level?

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