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Dear Mr. Ziade,

Welcome to my holistic practice I look forward to assisting you,

My goal is to make positive change in your health; bring your wellness back to track helping you keep aging gracefully.

Often people underestimate the value of organic wholesome raw food-essential body nutrition- that can have a major constructive impact on them, their health. This real food is believed the reliable fuel to the human body, but, not the industrialized artificial food. Furthermore, people feel lost among all kind of diets contradictory statements and claims put forth: good fats, bad fats, no fats; natural vitamins; nutraceutical vitamins, nutritional supplements…

When illness or disease takes place it puts your body system chemistry out of balance. Body chemistry also called a homeostasis (feeling well and healthy). In my practice, I use proper and pure nutrition including phyto-chemicals, glandular, botanical herbs, and essential food substances to help bringing homeostasis back to your body.

I do not mask symptoms! I discover, address and correct the underlying root cause/s of your symptom/health condition; give your body what it needs-the chance-to repair and heal itself. The key is treating the whole body (a person) and balance the endocrine system, rather than succumbing to the typical approach of this time (today) of masking attacking symptoms. So, finding the cause of the health problem or disorder is the foundational action of building your wellness and good health back.

As our society has progressed, and we lead more stressful lives with more indulgent lifestyles, we are beginning to find that our immune systems are becoming deficient, with an overused endocrine system. We now see a new set of health symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, severe allergic conditions, candida, as well as a proliferation of the standard degenerative diseases. Not to mention the failure of body’s organs. All of these are a result of out-of-balance body chemistry.

My approach to wellness is comprehensive with emphasis on nourishing the whole person, so the body nurtures, repairs and heals itself. I provide a Nutritional Therapy but not an Allopathic Therapy to treating you as a client that has the condition-rather than treating the condition. It’s about functional medicine versus the conventional one. And, biochemistry versus chemistry by using wholesome natural raw foods and supplements concentrated to clinical potency the body recognizes digests and assimilate for recovery.

3 keys culprit my holistic practice addresses to correct body chemistry bringing body homeostasis back into balance (feeling your best): Diet, lifestyle and environment.

Your initial visit, include a forms package I design to provide me with as much information as possible about your background and current health state condition; diet; medical history; lifestyle activities, environmental exposure etc. Those detailed forms and questionnaires are necessary I need to be completed prior your first session appointment, or as requested, in order for me to accurately evaluate your condition assisting you professionally and efficiently.

Your subsequent monthly visits will ensure your progress and commitment toward optimal health. Keep in mind of how many years it took your body to create existent symptoms that have become a part of your life. Thus, regaining wellness and good health will take place, gradually. The body needs to take its biological term to repair and heal itself once it’s given what it needs.

I look forward to assisting you achieving good health.

If you’re unable to make your appointment as scheduled, please call me at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.

Thank you for choosing my holistic practice, suzannehelp.com for wellness and optimal health. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me @ 71.469.126 or suzanne3366@gmail.com