Suzanne’s Story


“How I Went from Sick, Hopeless, and Lost, to Being in Full Control of my Overall Health, Overcoming my Migraines, and Discovering my Mission in Life…”

Here’s how my migraine headaches began to take a toll, destroying my life…

My first migraine symptom occurred at 23 years of age (I was a mother of 2 little boys – 5 and 2 years old.) with a sensation of weakness and tingling in one side of my face, neck, and arm that made me experience skepticism that I’m having a stroke…

At the beginning, these signs started to happen once a month then increased to be twice for almost three months until tension headaches began occurring along with a severe striking pain in my head that continued to commence every week. It was unbearable and scary at the same time… I didn’t know what to do or how to deal with it.

The pain had transformed to become a migraine based on the doctor’s diagnosis: “Those are migraine headaches. This is a recurring problem. Try to watch out for the causes and triggers. I’m sorry to say that you have to live with them…”

He prescribed medications; however, I didn’t take any for I couldn’t afford to buy them at that time, nor could my body tolerate them. I had no idea about these types of headaches so the attacks kept coming back sooner and stronger!

In this specific period of my life, I was dealing with ongoing stress and extreme depression that kept me unaware of all of my degrading health. My migraines became complicated with severe symptoms such as chronic fatigue, mood changes, dizziness; visual disturbances and intolerance to light. They were often accompanied by nausea and vomiting where at several occasions, I had to be taken to the emergency room because of nonstop sickness.

I got migraines with and without aura along flashing lights, zigzag lines, and temporary loss of vision. Severe tension, throbbing, and pounding traveled from one side of my head to the back of my head and down to my neck… The pain in my skull felt like an exploding fire in my veins! The Pain became more intense and lasted for three to four days where I had to lock myself in a dark room away from any noise and light, struggling to gain even just a few minutes of sleep which seemed hopeless…

Years went by where my migraine headaches occupied a big portion of my life with no mercy whatsoever… A feeling of abandonment, loneliness, and powerless accompanied the horrible pain, especially when the closest people to me – my husband and family- had no idea, understanding or realization about it. They could not even imagine the physical and emotional challenges that I was going through.

I always felt I needed stable, constructive and unconditional support, but… my personal network failed to understand. I had obligations towards my little ones, though, I found myself in bed with severe excruciating pain that was tearing me apart. There was no alternative way to ease or eliminate that pain. I kept empowering myself to stay faithful and hopeful because I had a feeling and believed that there must be a light at the end of this dark tunnel, no matter how long it would take!

The worse symptoms were when a disturbance of brain function started to develop. I experienced mental fuzziness, slurred speech, learning disabilities; memory impairment, lethargy, dyslexia, and senility. Nevertheless, and to add to the load different symptoms arose as well: Feeling of  heavy chest, anxiety, sleep problems; panic attacks, sugar cravings, joint pain, and even eczema showed up.

My immune system was further weaken and caused additional health conditions such as food allergies and environmental sensitivity…it was miserable! As a result, I ended up with an extremely poor memory; I got to the point where I couldn’t remember things that just happened, my phone number and the direction that I was heading to. That devastated me! I felt scared to death. I knew it… I wasn’t really far from Alzheimer’s disease and I was only 35!

Five more years passed carrying the heavy burden – my migraines – with no mercy until one day, this inner disaster exploded within when I burst into tears crying out loud: God, Please help; this is overwhelming!

A Gentle but Powerful Voice Within: ”I’ll set you free, and you will help others”

It was in 2002 when a friend of mine opened my eyes to the holistic alternative medicine. It’s about the function and effects of botanical herbs and nutritional supplements. It stopped me for a short while thinking, but afterwards, it made total sense to me.I thought about how our ancestors always counted on this kind of natural medicine, whereas conventional medicine barely existed back then.

And I remembered my first mentor – my grandfather – who lived until he was 104 years old, and he had a healthy and happy life. He passed away recently in 2003. His holistic journey motivated me and grew a hope in me. I started to envision myself as a new person with dreams and goals for the future.

The onset of my belief can be simplified to this saying “Knowing the cause is half the battle.” I began to do research on what might cause migraine headaches. I looked around and found a large number of other women who also suffered from the same problem! My curiosity led me to ask them questions about their experiences with migraines. I discovered that their symptoms were less, but not alike, and the causes were different. This made me wonder… I became even more curious.

I exposed myself to all kinds of natural alternative medicine discoveries, researches, resources; studies, opinions, and recommendations. I commenced to pay close attention to my lifestyle making some changes. I followed different diet eating plans. I consumed herbs and supplements. I also conducted studies and self experiments trying to discover what worked and what didn’t. Through a long journey of trial and error, I didn’t give up. I made baby steps at my own pace, considering my weak ability (physical, emotional, and mental) to find a solution. I began to notice a significant decrease in my migraines. Gradually, the number of the attacks started to diminish in frequency and in duration. However, this success was limited, but it was true!

It took me more than 5 years to put my Migraine Mystery Master Puzzle Pieces together to where I became a full believer that a cure does not come in the form of a pill, but in the power of pure nature! What I have discovered and applied led my migraine headaches to lessen and fade gradually. I felt I wanted to shout out loud and tell all of whom suffer out there that there’s hope, and YES you can dominate your migraines, but the answer is by doing it NATURALLY!

An inviting call came out through my husband and my 2 teenage boys saying that I have to study nutrition. Of course, this was impossible; I was still having difficulty memorizing, focusing, and even remembering. Simultaneously, a desire for a holistic approach started to grow in me. I wanted to know and learn about how my body system works, so I may be able to overcome my migraine headaches naturally once and for all.

In 2008, I got certified as a Nutrition Educator at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Penngrove, California. The Nutrition Educator Certification training provides students with an understanding of whole food nutrition as it contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health. Students learn to conduct an in-depth diet, lifestyle, and environment evaluation, and to advise individuals on whole foods eating for health plans that respond to their unique health goals.

Along with my college courses I was gathering information and building foundation of data based on migraines constantly for my record and practice/expertise. It was a really intensive exploration. Up to this day, I always put myself in learning environments that continue to increase my wealth of knowledge. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, what’s practical and what’s not. I could transform my own relationship with my migraine’s debilitating condition into an expertise.

My new self-image leads me to maintain a high spirit and gives me an endless amount of energy that always results in success, satisfaction, and happiness. This manifests when my grown-up boys (25 and 29 yr old) see a role model in me, when my husband feels proud of my accomplishments, and is glad to be living with a ‘real partner,’ who’s a happy, energetic, and accountable wife.

Feelings of gratitude shine within me every time I’m on top of my to-do list and running a booked schedule- classes and events. In addition, to making plans, participating and enjoying friendships, parties and social events.

Who I am today is a profound story of a hardship journey that continually taught me one lesson after another. If I didn’t defeat my migraines, I wouldn’t be even close to what I’m saying, doing or practicing.

My philosophy: “Any symptoms in our bodies are warning signs saying that something is going wrong and not functioning well. By giving the body what it needs, it will help heal and repair itself by incorporating nutrition and self-healing into one’s daily life.”

My belief: “Disease is not the presence of something evil but rather the lack of the presence of something essential,” (Empty Harvest: Understanding the Link Between Our Food, Our Immunity, and Our Planet by Jensen, Bernard, D.C., Ph.D., and Mark Anderson.)

My Theory: When it comes to fighting migraines or any other health condition, knowledge is power! After my long suffering experience, I strongly believe the more you educate yourself about your lifestyle, the environment that surrounds you, and your diet (LED) the better equipped you’ll be to take over and dominate any health symptom or condition you may have.

Finding, believing and applying the truth is the only way to help you overcome your migraines or your health challenge, and be in full control of your overall health. The truth will set your footstep firm on the road of natural body restoration. Remember, addressing and correcting the underlying causes of your individual migraine headaches that initiate horrible symptoms and unbearable, long-lasting pain is the core of living migraine-free. I absolutely believe that a customized therapy plan and diet should be as unique as your migraine patterns are. What works like magic for one person (one migraine sufferer) does not necessarily work for another.

My Holistic Passions: Be one of the world’s experts transforming people’s health and sharing my earned secrets.

Preserve health by continually educating and supporting myself, family, and community of the world’s greatest health threats- chemically contaminated- foods, water, soil, and air.

Be a part of a worldwide solution by helping raise awareness, making positive changes, and creating a healthier and more sustainable future for our children.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”- Martin Luther King

My Big Lesson: Holistic green living is the only true way that can help us survive and overcome health, economy, and planet crisis. It turned my health around from being confused, depressed and paralyzed into becoming a healthy, happy, and fully productive person!

I was in your situation and possibly in even worse conditions. Energetically, I was completely drained at all times. When we fill up our body with such horrendous pain, we’ll be left with no energy whatsoever in order to move to continue our normal daily routine. If I did it, so can you too!

At the very origin of your health, your genes existed. Now, I’m living proof that you too can discover the health you were born to have. Step-by-step good health will immerse back into your life again when the energy and vitality burst from within. It’s your overall health! All your body systems will work synergistically to surprise you sending your health challenge or migraines away on one-way trip where they can never find a route back to you…

Imagine if you could overpower your migraines, how would this benefit your whole life?

Yes…, you can bring an end to your migraines,