Return Policy


Return Policy

The “4Bs”– The “4Bs” is made out of organic, real, wholesome foods. They’re considered to be taken as regular dietary wholefoods supplements along your diet. The “4Bs” are among over 300 other certified organic nutritional wholefoods concentrate supplements products and protocols that are high quality and complex and used by thousands of practitioner for over 60 years. Find out more organic farming here and why should be derived from wholefoods click here. For botanical quality check here.

If for any reason the “4Bs” didn’t meet your expectation, you can certainly use it differently. A fully constructed packet of information and instruction will be available for you on how to use their great benefits along with your diet to improve your overall health. This will be available to you upon your request. There’s no return at this time. However, you can request a free sample (3 applications).

Unlock the Mystery of Your Migraines 90-Day Program-The program can help you discover, address and correct the underlying root causes of your individual migraines, NOT masking pain symptoms that act as a temporarily relief. Come for the first 2 classes/sessions and see if my alternative therapy plan is for you. If you’re not satisfied, you may request a full refund (less a mere 10% reversal fee).

My intention to prove to you that true health restoration can be found only in pure nature. Mother Nature already has done all the work for us; it provides us real, wholesome, good and dense food full of nutrients that our body needs and designed to get, digest and assimilate in order to function properly. But not industrialized food, synthetic or man made artificial foods.

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