New Anti-Aging Product of the Century!

Revitalize & Regenerate Your:




Bones, joint & Muscles lean body


Improve your sleep!


Some doctors are referring to this product as the ‘New Anti-Aging Product of the Century’!


This product is a booster food. And, it was a part of Lahood’s diet that enabled him to live up to 104 year old!

He aged gracefully enjoyed healthy years of wellness, vigor, strength and energy. Especially, he maintained robust dense bones, strong muscles and healthy joints. (He passed away in 2004).


If He Did It, So You Can!

grandpaAs a child, I’ve observed and wondered why Lahood, my grandpa, must consume this booster food twice a month. Grandma had to fix it for the whole family, and she enjoyed it too. I’ve always heard my mom yet  and up to this day praising that meal calling it the ‘Supper Food’.

This ‘Supper Food’ was one of my grandpa’s secrets of keeping him well and healthy all of these years: Strong skeleton and musculature; he never fractured, broke a bone or experienced muscle tightness, soreness or cramps, and healthy joint; not once complained of joints stiffness, swelling, or arthritis.

Long time ago, I started to make it for my family. Truly, it’s a power house provides tremendous health benefits keeping all of us well and healthy feeling strong.

How True Are These Statements To You?

“I’m falling apart”

“This is part of aging”

“It’s common in my age”

“My knee or hip is bone to bone, and I keep pushing my surgery away”

“I’ve a sleep problem; I can’t fall or stay asleep”


The Body’s Missing Link!

Your body is talking when experiencing the followings:

→ Aging with illnesses and diseases

→ Arthritis and osteoporosis

→ Cholesterol

→ Diabetes

→ Obesity/Fat-burning problem

→ Unhealthy aging skin

→ Hair loss

→ Menopause

→ Sleep problems, mood and performance

→ Impotency

These conditions are the result of your body’s depletion of this ‘Super Food’. When give it to your body it has tremendous positive effects on your overall health, physically and mentally (1, 2).

This “Super Food’ the body can’t manufacture and is therefore required in the foods you eat each day. A lack of it can, over time, affect both your physical and mental health. No wonder nowadays we face an endless list of diseases and illnesses.


‘Super Food’ Benefits:

√ Promote youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails

√ Help keep bones healthy and strong

√ Support joint health

√ Regenerate cartilage

√ Build lean muscle

√ Contribute to a balanced diet and help maintain weight

√ Support healthy inflammation response due to over exercise

√ Improve sleep quality


Collagen, Amino Acids Proteins

found in

Homemade Beef Tendons & Bone Broth!

Protein is necessary to stay alive and healthy. The human body has thousands of different proteins. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. There are two groups of amino acids:

1) Essential amino acids, our body cannot make them we must get them from the foods we eat.

2) Nonessential amino acids, our bodies can synthesize regardless of what we eat (3).



√ Is the most abundant protein in the body and is a key constituent of all connective tissues to prevent the body from falling apart.

√ Provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system, essential for mobility.

√ Is highly bio-available and digestible.

√ Ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin, hair, tendon, cartilage, bones, and joints.

Homemade beef tendons/bone broth is my ultimate best source of essential amino acids proteins and collagen. However, it takes 24 hours to be made, and it’s not always appealing to consume especially for breakfast and in hot summer days.

For years I kept searching to find an alternative option that may provide same benefits made of natural, raw, and unadulterated collagen ingredients. Certainly without hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, additives, artificial flavors or sweeteners, MSG (monosodium glutamate…) and the list goes on.


Finally, I Did Find It!

I use it and am so thrilled with the result; I constantly receive positive feedback about my beautiful young looking skin, healthy hair, stamina, and overall health and wellness.


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Vital Protein Pic

Collagen is the missing link in supplying amino acids like glycine, proline and lysine that are required by the body to build connective tissue to regulate cell growth. It benefits hair, skin tissue, muscle, cartilage, ligaments and blood cell growth. Some doctors are referring to this product as “the new anti-aging product of the century“. (4)

As one company explains: Our bodies are made up of 30% collagen of which 70% of these proteins are connective tissue made of collagen. Collagen is beneficial first, in replacing the synovial fluids between the joints and secondly, to repair and build cartilage weakened by overuse through impact and stress. (4)

Amino acids/collagen is found to generate cell growth much quicker because the natural ability to produce supporting amounts of connective tissue diminishes after the age of 25.

Collagen is a natural and healthy ingredient that has been used for centuries. Collagen-rich foods are a large part of traditional diets. Our ancestors- my grandpa is a great example- utilized whole-animal nutrition, which provided an abundant amount of collagen, the native form of gelatin. Over time, we have lost touch with this powerful, healing ‘Super Food’.

When we get older, the production of collagen begins to slow down and cell structures start losing their strength. As a result, the typical signs of aging: loose skin, wrinkles, joint pain, low bone density, thinning hair, begin to show. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is a primary building block of skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons, joints, and cartilage. It is considered the “glue that holds the body together”.

Collagen represents 90% of organic bone mass and is a major component of ligaments, joints, and tendons. As a dietary supplementation it provides rapid absorption and repair of all structures in the body.


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Highlights:

√ Pasture Raiser

√ Kosher

√ Nourishment from the inside

√ Naturally Minimally Processed

√ No Additives or Preservatives

√ No flavor

√ Cold Water Soluble

√ Great for mixing into a quick drink with juice, milk, or water

√ Easily mixed into foods such as oatmeal, pasta sauce, or smoothies

√ Light molecular weight is highly digestible

√ Pasture-Raised Nutrition: Cattle graze on lush grasslands in Brazil and are not given hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. They eat their natural diet – grass, and receive plenty of open space and sunshine. Vital Proteins believes in providing their animals with an environment that nature intended, and the result is a high quality protein that is natural and pure.


Vital Proteins Approved to Be:

√ Non GMO

√ Dairy Free

√ Gluten Free

√ Grain Free

√ Soy Free

√ Refined Sugar Free




Most contain synthetic collagen, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, additives, artificial flavors and sweeteners, MSG (monosodium glutamate), synthetic amino acids proteins, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors…


Vital Proteins is all REAL, PURE, and WHOLE FOOD nutrition!

Vital Protein label

There’s nothing to hide!


Collagen Peptide Label


Why do I need collagen?

Supplementing with collagen is a vital way to help your body rejuvenate and stay youthful. Backed by clinical studies, collagen supplementation is the most effective anti-aging method known today. By giving your body the raw materials it needs to repair, you are healing your body from the inside out. The cold-water soluble nature of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides makes it fantastic for mixing into almost any drink or dish imaginable.


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is for:

√ Bone and Joint Support

√ Bone and Minerals Density

√ Joints Health

√ Inflammatory response due to joint overuse or exercise


Proteins from collagen also help to:

√ Fit for life

√ Restore muscle

√ Maintain a lean body

√ Stabilize appetite

√ Diminish allergy

√ Lose & maintain weight

√ Increase athletic performance

√ Deeper sleep

The most abundant amino acid in collagen, Glycine, an immune-nutrient which supports healthy inflammation response, promotes deeper, more restorative sleep as well.

Collagen has been shown to be more effective than whey protein in regards to athletic performance and building muscle.


Feel younger!

70% of our skin is made up of collagen.

Collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of skin. Maintaining the amount of collagen is the key to beautiful skin. Glycine, proline, alanine and hydroxyproline are the main constituents of collagen; replenishing these constituent amino acids appears to be needed to maintain the amount of collagen at healthy levels.

These amino acids are essential for maintaining an even skin structure and thus healthy skin. Clinical research has shown that collagen, a natural protein:

√ Promotes younger looking skin

√ Improves skin moisture level

√ Improves skin smoothness by reducing the number of micro-relief furrows

√ Improves the signs of deep wrinkles

√ Improve Skin Suppleness

How-To Use It?

√ Mix with water, fruit juice or milk

√ Mixed into foods such as oatmeal, pasta sauce, or smoothies

√ Add to a post-workout protein shake for added support

√ Add to a smoothie for a boost in protein

 Vital proteins Collagen Peptides can help you feel full so that you won’t crave sweets and other diet-busting treats. By utilizing protein in the right way, you’re more likely to stay on track with a healthy eating plan saving your waistline.

If you’re exercising, eating healthy, staying hydrated and not seeing good result-feeling strong and well, then, protein is the missing key element in your diet.

Suggested Use:

Combine 1-2 scoops one to two times per day with 8 fl oz of cold or hot liquid, mix thoroughly. Drink immediately.

NOTE: For some individuals with food allergy, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, or any other health condition may need to start very slowly. Then, increase the dosage gradually observing their body’s reaction. Some of my clients with such health issues had success following this ‘dosage building’ strategy. It assists the body in training the immune system to learn to accept digest, but not reject this REAL food. Those clients had to start with 1/8 of a teaspoon per day, wait for 24 hours to notice body’s response. Then, kept increasing slowly.


Where should I store collagen?

It is recommended to store in a cool, dark area away from moisture.


Does collagen have an expiration date?

The shelf life of Vital Proteins collagen products are normally 5 years.  You can locate the expiration date on the bottom of your Vital Proteins container.


Do I have to take collagen with meals?

Vital Proteins collagen products can be taken by themselves as a stand alone supplement or be taken with food.


Are there any other ingredients or fillers?

No, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are 100% pure protein derived from bovine hides.  No artificial ingredients or additives are used.


Vital Proteins Description/Ingredients/Product Details/FAQ/References

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Real Collagen ‘Super Food’ Benefits:

√ Promote youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails

√ Help keep bones healthy and strong

√ Support joint health

√ Regenerate cartilage

√ Build lean muscle

√ Contribute to a balanced diet and help maintain weight

√ Support healthy inflammation response due to over exercise

√ Improve sleep quality



The quality of Vital Proteins is guaranteed.  When you order Collagen Peptides you’re assured that collagen and protein in Vital Proteins are of the highest quality. We ask that you notify us of problems by the next business day after receipt of your order.  Returned unopened products are accepted. But, shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.