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“My cholesterol decreases, did not get the flu, and I feel a lot of energy!”

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“Cholesterol was high which caused me health problems . Cramps in my legs tired me constantly much allow me to rest after a short walk. Not to mention severe cramps/pain at night prevented me from sleeping. After twenty years I met Suzanne again when she visited back home, Lebanon. She explained thoroughly the benefits of the holistic approach. I followed her customized therapy plan she designed for my health conditions. I had full confidence in her expertise shared my medical exams and blood tests result with her. Since January I applied sincerely her advice. However, sometimes I’m not faithful to take the required application for the day. Still, I have not had the flu this year, I my chronic sinusitis is gone (my yearly problem in winter season), and no more leg cramps. This winter, nothing hit me thanks be to God. Cholesterol decreases, I feel a lot of energy, and I take no longer medication!”- Sr. Marie Louise Moubarak, School supervisor, Beirut, Lebanon ( April 2016)

“As always your health talks are very informative and sensational!”

“Thanks for the info and all the goodies last night. As always your health talks are very informative and sensational! You truly make a difference in everyone’s life”- Maria Acosta, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah, CA (March 2014)

“She has had positive results from her monthly blood tests and only after 3 weeks!”

Vera Photo“Suzanne Chucrallah is an extremely kind, caring, knowledgeable and dedicated professional. Always interested in helping others live a holistic and healthy lifestyle. She is always ready with some words of help and encouragement to those in need.

I have seen first-hand the results of her successful holistic treatment of a cancer patient.

I have also referred a friend, also a cancer survivor/patient, who was overly happy with the incredible homeopathic results she saw after meeting with Suzanne and implementing her suggestions that were specifically recommended for her individual disease. And this was without any of the dangerous risks of poisons and side effects of traditional modern day medicine. So far, she has had positive results from her monthly blood tests and only after 3 weeks! Suzanne also supplied her with vital and valuable information to keep her healing. We believe we are all blessed to have come to know Suzanne and by her teachings”Vera Goldsmith, Sequoia YMCA Enhance Fitness Class Member (February 2014)

“I’m  cancer free!”

halim pic

 With Suzanne’s help I’ve done it without chemotherapy and without taking any medications. But, with my willingness  and commitment to work with Suzanne doing it all naturally. I gave Suzanne my permission to reveal my medical case, record, and more importantly the proof of becoming cancer free. We wanted to share my story with you, so you may benefit you too from this successful experience keeping cancer out of your doorstep learning a constructive lesson of how to stay protected”- Halim Abboud, Senior Handyman, CA (August 2013)

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“I have lost weight something like 15 to 20 pounds, and went down from size 17 to size 13 in two months…”

“Every time I have gotten sick with the seasonal cold or flu it used to take 2 to 3 to even 4 and a half weeks or longer to get better or over it. Suzanne would tell me what I should be taking like a baking soda solution when I felt like I was getting sick experiencing tightening in the chest, dry throat and eyes, being hot and cold feeling my body is in a funk, and when I was not me.

Lately, I caught a cold or the flu from my visit to the dentist orthodontist and Suzanne reminded me again of baking soda drink and to add berry syrup that I can find at Whole Foods Market or online. So I went and bought a small bottle of it to try. And I tried it. It tastes tart and sweet NOT like a typical cough or cold medicine- the yucky bitter taste that is nothing like it.  I started taking it Thursday when I was really sick, and by Tuesday I was better gone done with the cold and the flu. It is nice to know someone who understands and knowledgeable of what to do or take, and what in store bought to suggest what I can or should take when I feel like this (have a cold, the flu or some other illness).

Just recently I have noticed that I have lost some weight something like 15 to 20 pounds, and went down from size 17 to size 13 in two months. What Suzanne has been saying in Noor De-Vie meetings to try to eat healthier and change the diet was real. I tried it for a few months, like drinking more water and adding fermented foods to my diet it has changed me to a believer.

I know organic medicine is on the pricey side of life, but what is better having energy to make it through the day or feeling sick drugged, knocked out weak or high, calling in to work is not an option. Alternative medicines give me energy to make it through the day and boost the immune system to get better faster. That’s what it did for me. If I had taken it sooner I would have felt better a lot earlier. Organic meds. really work!Irene Etchevers, Safeway Staff Member, CA (July 2012)

 ” I continue to be impressed with is the depth and variety of the information she presents…that I have not been exposed to before!”

“As a Chiropractor with an unusually extensive scientific background, I usually have some familiarity with the topics Suzanne discusses at her Noor De-Vie meetings. What I continue to be impressed with is the depth and variety of the information she presents, and I always leave the meeting with the sense that I am taking away important, practical, and topical information that I have not been exposed to before. It is  always presented in an engaging, easy to understand fashion, and Suzanne’s audience always seems to “get it”, as there is plenty of time for lively discussion and questions afterward!  Thank you so much for the time and energy Suzanne expends giving these talks, and I look forward to the next one!  Oh, and the food is great, too! “Joe Wagoner DC, Foster City, CA (August 2012)

 “Never before have I recovered from a flu as quickly as I did with the help and guidance of Suzanne!”

 “I’ve known Suzanne for a many years now, we  met while she was going to school. I saw her struggle, learn, persevere and become the substantial woman she is today. I attend Suzanne’s lecture once every month, and from the first session I knew that I best bring a pad and a pen, because the material she covers, is much more than I can remember…Yes, it’s true!

I can promise anyone…who eats…to attend Suzanne’s session, you will not enter a grocery store with the same thought again. Today, I make much more educated choices for myself and for my family. And when I feel confused, I know that I can count on Suzanne’s generous time and effort for help. About a month ago I fell victim to a very bad flu, never before have I recovered as quickly as I did than with the help and guidance of Suzanne. She is a smart woman who is on a mission to help others. She has certainly been a great help to me. Oh! And one last thing, Suzanne speaks so gently, her voice is calm and soothing, it will make you feel better just listening to her.” – Cherly Ghanem, Optical Assistant, San Ramon, CA (September 2012)

“Thank God I met Suzanne!”

Majeda Chekrallah“I was really surprised when I first met Suzanne, especially when I knew that she has helped herself to overcome chronic migraines she had to suffer from for more than 16 yrs. That show on her family and her good health. I asked Suzanne to help me with my thyroid problems because after 2 yrs of taking medications, I felt that my body becomes very weak. She was so generous, supporting me to rebuild my health one step by step. She even assisted my whole family by providing prevention easy to follow tips and techniques to achieve wellness and optimal health. Thank God I met Suzanne, every time I observe how active and clever my toddler (29 mths old) is, I feel blessed and fortunate. Thank-you Suzanne for helping us to stay healthy!” – Majeda Chekrallah, Kinder-garden Teacher, Lebanon (January 2012)

“She could target the multiple reasons!”

Elie Photo“I’ve known Suzanne for many years. When I found out that she was studying nutrition, I thought I’d ask her about my inflammation and heartburn problem that has been bothering me for years. She studied and evaluated my diet and my daily lifestyle. She could target the multiple reasons why I had frequent heart burns. She then prescribed a bunch of herbal supplements along with a daily nutritional food schedule to follow. Everything was so organized that it was really easy to follow. It took a little discipline on my part and next thing you know, my heartburn decreased drastically. She is a very dedicated and passionate person when it comes to people’s health.” – Leo Z., Store Manager, San Carlos, CA (May 2012)

“My quality of life wouldn’t have been the same if I had not known her!”

 Charbel Photo“Suzanne is an expert in her field and she’s done all the hard work to piece the puzzle together. She really seems like she cares for my well being. I have gotten tremendous result from her guidance. Suzanne has made a huge difference in my life. Her caring beneficial advice has supported me of many would be illnesses and helped me avoid many others. My quality of life wouldn’t have been the same if I had not known her”  – Chuck Z., Marketing Consultant, South San Francisco, CA (June 2012)

 “Suzanne is generous with sharing what she knows with others!”

 Debbie Sipowics“Suzanne is passionate about health and nutrition and committed to making a difference in the world. She works diligently to help people, has a big heart, and is generous with sharing what she knows with others”- Debbie Sipowics, Certified Health Coach, Half Moon Bay, CA (November 2011)

“After following her advice, I started feeling better and pain eventually went away!”

Silja Photo “When I heard about Suzanne’s work and her holistic approach to alternative medicine, I knew she would be the right person to talk to about my health issue. I went to my doctor in my hometown in Germany because I was having severe stomach pains. She told me that I had inflammation in my kidneys. I felt a bit nervous because when I researched the condition on the internet, it sounded pretty serious. I knew I had to talk to Suzanne about this because she would be able to guide me in the right direction. I sent her an email explaining to her what I was feeling and what the doctor had told me. She sent me an email back explaining my condition and why she thinks it might have happened. She comforted me and told me that I had nothing to worry about. She also suggested that I follow a natural diet plan as well as take natural herbal supplements that are specific in dealing with my condition. I was amazed by her level of knowledge in this matter even though she specializes in migraine headaches. After following her advice, I started feeling better and pain eventually went away. Suzanne is an amazing source of information when it comes to dealing with any health issues besides migraines. She is dedicated to helping others through her holistic approach and I am glad that I got the chance to meet her because she has made a difference in my life” – Silja Spiekermann, College Student, Germany (January 2012)

“When Suzanne gives me advice, I can be certain that she has thoroughly researched the topic!”

Nadia Cooper Photo“Suzanne is thoughtful, generous, and fully committed to living in the most holistic way that she can. She tirelessly researches every food, supplement and product so that she is completely aware of what goes into, and on, her body. She is endlessly committed to spreading her knowledge and educating the general public about what is in our food, what we are exposed to, and how we can make better choices to make our living more holistic. When Suzanne gives me advice, I can be certain that she has thoroughly researched the topic. Looking at Suzanne is proof of her wisdom- she radiates health and vitality!” – Nadia Cooper, Physical Therapist, San Mateo, CA (September 2011)

“Her own personal experiences make her an extremely well qualified resource for your holistic needs!”

Kathy Gogan“You can count on Suzanne for solid holistic counseling and insight. Her dedication to and leadership of our local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network has helped many people in our community take advantage of new and practical ways to live holistically. Also, her own personal experiences to alleviate her own migraine headaches naturally as well as her ongoing education into new research in the area, makes her an extremely well qualified resource for your holistic needs” – Kathy Gogan, Marketing Consultant, Emerald Hills, CA  (April 2011)

“Whenever I have a question about anything she always seems to have the answer, and gives it with love and happiness!”


Suzanne is a person I wanted to meet for a long time. She has inspired me, giving me a great deal of knowledge about how to keep my family healthy. I have learned about raw milk, mercury, soy products, and the chemicals pervasive in our world. She recommends to always go with natural ingredients. She is passionate about health and generous in sharing her knowledge. She has helped me figure out my vitamin deficiencies, helping to explain why I am tired all the time. Whenever I have a question about anything she always seems to have the answer, and gives it with love and happiness. We are still working together to figure out together many things and the knowledge is never ending. The Holistic Moms Network San Mateo Chapter is so lucky to have her. I am so glad to know her” – Agnes Peck, Mother & HMN Member, Los Angelos, CA (July 2011)

“Her lengthy studies have made her realize that she was on the right track and the results show!”

Alison Lindell Photo“I have known Suzanne for more than five years and have watched her gain increasingly more knowledge of alternate healing methods. She always had an instinct for what constitutes a healthy diet. Now her lengthy studies have made her realize that she was on the right track and the results show. Just ask her husband who has made a remarkable recovery from a serious heart ailment with her help!”-  Alison Lindell, Real Estate Broker, Los Altos, CA (March 2010)

“I felt like I could not go  through the day and live normally until I came upon her support and her advice!”

 Amanda photo “Suzanne Chucrallah has assisted me in my time of need when I felt I had lost everything in concern to my body.  I felt like I could not go through the day and live normally until I came upon her support and her advice.  After adjusting my lifestyle to where it suits both myself and the dietary supplements she had suggested for me to take, I have improved my overall health.  Doctors were testing me and treating me for everything coming to the same conclusions making me feel insecure and obtuse.  They had finally told me the medicine they gave me should be working and that what I personally was feeling and experiencing was all in my head.  I was at my wits end – depressed and with nowhere to turn I fell into the caring hands of Suzanne and she helped me find alternative methods that worked and best of all they were natural, there were no side effects, and they worked!  She got me back to feeling happier and healthier than ever.  Not only did it improve my body, but my relationships.  I could take on my hours at work and more tasks.  I was back to my old self again and I have her to thank for everything!” – Amanda Estelita, Child and Family Development, San Bruno, CA (April 2011)

“After each visit, I go away with valuable information that I can apply to my well being!”

“I have attended several lectures and gone to Suzanne on an individual basis.  After each visit, I go away with valuable information that I can apply to my well being.  Suzanne provides an excellent outlook if one is looking for healthy ways to balance their lifestyle, conventional medical methods, and natural applications.  Suzanne does serious research and openly provides her wisdom because she truly wants her family and friends to live life to its healthiest and fullest” – Pat Michael, Retired, Redwood City, CA (January 2012)

“The most important thing is that she lives the life that she preaches!”

Aria Kabiri Photo“Suzanne is a good friend of mine.  I have been attending her Noor De-Vie lectures in the last couple of months.  These lectures are for the public and very informative about different topics related to nutrition.  Although I know a lot about nutrition and I attend a lot of professional lectures on this topic, I always learn something new.  I enjoy discussing nutrition and different topics with her.  Suzanne is a very interesting person who takes her job seriously and is very kind and compassionate.  She loves to share her knowledge with friends, public and her patients.  The most important thing is that she lives the life that she preaches. I am sure that she will be successful in her career“- Aria Kabiri, psychology student, San Mateo, CA (October 25, 2012)

“You are so kind and so very thoughtful!”

“Thank you for the good presentations. My admiration for your many beautiful qualities that I see, you are so sweet, kind, genuinely caring, so smart in creating good and healthy food, resourceful, meek and mild, pretty at that, respectful and gracious and more too many to mention. Another Thank you for taking care of me at the YMCA; you are so kind and so very thoughtful and it makes me wonder how did I get so blessed to have known you. God has really been so generous to me in many many ways. I am so very grateful. Love, Tessie” – Teresita Alvarez, Retired, San Carlos, CA (March 3, 2013)

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