Ease Stress Fast, Relax, and Energyze

We live a stressful lifestyle 24/7 and more often we end up feeling burnout. It’s know that working out can reduce stress- a good idea- however, it’s not in this case where the body is exhausted already. By doing this you’ll be adding extra stress onto yourself taxing your adrenals glands end up feeling energy depleted.

A glass of wine-hopefully is pesticides free- can help. Listening to your favorite music or meditation/prayer can be a good answer too. But, what if you can relax and recharge in the same time?

Here’s a simple solution that brings you relief in seconds, aromatherapy.

A precious bottle of carefully selected essential oil would do it. Use any methods listed below that suits best and feel your stress begin to melt away:

– Put a few drops in a diffuser or, in a pinch, onto a cotton ball

– Sniff it right out of the bottle

– Blend it into a massage oil and massage the back of your neck, ears and feet (the bottom)

– Pritz it around your room like a natural air freshener

Click on any blend- found on Amazon- very affordable and try it out for yourself:

Adapted from The Healthy Back Institute

On the light of stress relief topic I’d like to share with you a powerful lesson I received from ‘Our Daily Bread’, a daily email devotion.

“”Our valley in Idaho can be very cold in the winter. Clouds and fog roll in and blanket the ground, trapping frigid air under warmer layers above. But you can get above the valley. There’s a road nearby that winds up the flank of Shafer Butte, a 7,500-foot mountain that rises out of our valley. A few minutes of driving and you break out of the fog and emerge into the warmth and brilliance of a sunlit day. You can look down on the clouds that shroud the valley below and see it from a different point of view”.

Life is like that at times. Circumstances seem to surround us with a fog that sunlight cannot penetrate. Yet faith is the way we get above the valley—the means by which we “set [our] hearts on things above” (Col. 3:1). As we do, the Lord enables us to rise above our circumstances and find courage and calmness for the day. As the apostle Paul wrote, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” (Phil. 4:11).

We can climb out of our misery and gloom. We can sit for a time on the mountainside and through Christ who gives us strength (v. 13) we can gain a different perspective. —David Roper

Although I can’t always see You or what You’re doing, Lord, I rest in Your love for me.

Faith can lift you above your fears.”

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