New Activity Brings Life Back

“Noor De-Vie” launching event success exceeded my expectation!

Noor De-Vie (light of life) is a monthly social and business networking event to connecting, building relationships and supporting one another. NDV goal is to keeping personal interaction and communication in today’s high tech fast-pace modern life. In addition to informational topic presented by me to maximize your health by providing practical advice health and wellness.

Noor De-Vie welcomes everybody!

To join this monthly event feel free to contact me by email to send you an invitation with a detail message of my monthly topics.

This month topic was:

A New-Old Discovery is Among the Most Natural and Safest Things You Can Do!

– Get the most health benefits for a zero amount of work

– Start immediately the process of breaking the stress and illness cycle

– Discover this new-old method and most important health known of the twenty-first century

– And best of all you can apply it for FREE!

Noor De-Vie Agenda


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