Things to Avoid Doing When You’re Tired or Sleepy

Most of the time you find it hard to fall asleep, or you don’t get enough sleep most night. Then, you find yourself waking up feeling tired. This can and might affect your ability throughout the day preventing you from being functional and productive.

Researchers found that after 17 hours straight of being awake, the ability to think, learn and perform tasks requiring skills such as movement, coordination and speed are impaired as much as they would be by a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent — high enough to be charged with a DUI.

Here are things you shouldn’t do when you’re running low on sleep:

Exercise-This would tax your adrenals glands by secreting more cortisol hormones to keep the body functioning. It’d also increase inflammation level-pain-where you ended up feeling exhausted.

Make Important Decisions-It’s wise to postpone a significant decision you have to make. You’ll be making a better choice after you’ve rested.

Self-Temptation-Sleepiness can also affect your judgment making you more impulsive. You may binge, spend carelessly on pricy or not needed items, buy junk food that harms your health, or make other impulsive decisions you might regret later on.

Try To Be the “Super parent”-Parenting can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re feeling exhausted and frazzled due to sleepiness. Ask for help with kids’ so you can get some rest.

Start a Conversation-When you’re tired you’re more likely to switch unintentionally a constructive discussion into an argument. If you feel tired make sure to postpone that conversation to a different timing where you and the other party show respect to one anothers views, listen attentively, and interact politely.

Go Multitask- Multitasking can be challenging at normal times, and trying to handle several tasks when you’re sleep-deprived can be downright, less productive and may hurt yourself in somehow. So, focus on one thing at a time if you’re sleepy to get through that day.

Drive- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that around 100,000 car crashes occur as a result of driver fatigue every year. Do not take a risk! If you’re a bit sleepy before or after work, try taking a break before driving. And, if you’re doing a long-distance drive, don’t hesitate to pull off getting a short rest stop.

Text Message-Drowsiness can affect your conversation. To prevent mistakes wait until you’re fully rested then work justly on posting.

Give your body what it needs, so it’d serve you best in all aspects: Work, family and society. It’s all about balance that brings you contentment.

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