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Hi, my name is Yesenia Gallegos and I had migraine since you were 13 yrs old. Before I met Suzanne, I had 2 to 3 migraine headaches a week, they lasted about 48 hours and the intensity level was much higher than how it was a few years ago. I’ve suffered migraine headaches for about 27 years so I learned to get used to the pain.

Throughout the years, I saw different professionals to treat my headaches. They all talked about giving temporarily relief masking pain and triggers, but never offered to discover the cause. So, I went by with pain medicine. The frequency and intensity of the headaches made me said “enough is enough.” I wanted to know how it feels to go through a week without pain. I imagined how productive I could be…

Not so long ago, I saw one of Suzanne’s seminar advertisements on finding the cause of migraines, address and correct them through holistic medicine… I signed up immediately. That’s exactly what I wanted… finding the cause.
I carefully heard, read, and researched what Suzanne had to say and I decided to follow her guidance. She carefully looked at my health history and did multiple tests before she determined the cause of my own headaches.

I did the Purification Program and took the “4Bs” Migraine Instant Formula Fix as well as modifying my diet and supplements specifically to meet my body health needs.

After a few months, migraines decreased from 2 to 3 a week to 1 a month and the intensity level is now mild. While she looked closely at my health, I realized I had other minor issues to which I didn’t pay attention because headaches took all my attention and energy. Now, I no longer suffered from constipation and acne. Irritability has decreased while my energy level has increased.

This was the result of a living a healthy lifestyle thanks to the extensive care and encouragement of Suzanne. I’m also must be honest….the first week of the Purification Program was difficult for me, but comparing to the results were great. However, I learned from Suzanne and I have to say that this disturbance feeling is normal; is a good sign of a body passing away toxins releasing impurity before restoration takes place. I learned more about choosing food that favors and balances my body chemistry and metabolism and specifically prevents inflammation that is #1 cause migraine.

I also learned to identify the early signs of a migraine attack, and how to stay away from my own triggers. I had focused on masking the symptoms for such a long time, that I thought that by staying strong they will leave eventually. I now can tell you that there is no need to wait. Suzanne gave me the confidence and the right teaching to find the end of my headaches. Her help and knowledge made it a lot easier. Now, I’m more productive, more energized, and almost pain free. I highly recommend Suzanne. (June 2012)

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“Suzanne is always there for me through my weaker times”

 “Suzanne is highly dedicated to her work and compassionate to her clients. For the past 3 months Suzanne Chucrallah has been working with me to tackle my migraines disorder holistically. Her dedication to finding alternative relief was a result of her personal battles. She suffered from migraines for many years. She overcame it through natural/holistic care and in return was inspired to help others like myself. I truly believe that Suzanne’s driving force in the way she is diligent in working with women to live migraine free is a gift from God. In Galatians 5:22 God speaks to us about the fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, faith. Qualities we must strive to acquire and maintain.”

The past couple of months have been difficult for me as I have struggled to have and keep the faith in natural medicine versus medical science. For more than 20 years I was dependent on drugs prescribed by my doctors to alleviate the pain of a migraine attack. There are many times when I struggle and feel like surrendering back to my old ways. However, Suzanne is always there for me through my weaker times when I want to rush back to my bottle of Imitrex/Vicodin/…, with hand-holding and not letting me give in. She gives her time whether over the phone or in person in order to provide me with encouragement, advice and prayer. I know that the road to healing is still ahead and I must not stray from the path of natural healing but I am thankful I have Suzanne to guide and aide me through it for my long-term well-being.” Sahar M., Business Owner, Mountain View, CA (February 2011)

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