Overcome Reflux and Frequent Heartburn Naturally

Overcome Reflux and Frequent Heartburn Naturally


Possible contributing factors are:

Existing lining inflammation, drinking alcohol/coffee, eating large meals or specific foods, and stress levels.

Suggested Dietary Recommendation:  

  • Drink liquid/water between meals – pure water 6-8 ounce glasses. Water washes acid out of your throat and dilutes the acids in your stomach, but don’t drink liquids with meals since you need stomach acid to digest your food- The Editors of FC&A Medical Publishing (Eat and Heal))
  • Be sure to eat slowly, chew thoroughly and eat at least four hours before going to bed. Have staple foods on hand when it needed-Ed Bauman Ph.D
  • Probiotics or fermented foods are beneficial for colonization of microorganisms in the intestinal tract, such as yogurt (1 cup/day) or taking probiotics supplements on empty stomach- Michael Maurry

Herbal Recommendations:

  • Energy tea such as rooibos (red bush) tea-Clipper Tea. One cup is running over with energy and health busting chemicals -Dr. Patrick Holford. N.D. (Wellness Advisor)
  • Chew two tablets of DGL licorice thoroughly just after eating or as needed up to 8 tablets per day or drink Licorice Tea-Linda B. white, M.D. (The Herbal Drugstore)

Supplement Recommendations:

  • Nutritional yeast as essential amino acids-2 tbsp/day- Ed Bauman (Diet Evaluation)
  • Vitamin B Complex good for fatigue-Patrick Holford (Wellness Advisor)
  • Omega-3 EPA/DHA reduces inflammation, depression, low energy and fatigue-1-2gr/day-Michael Murray (The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods)
  • Organic flaxseeds anti-inflammatory -4 tbsp/day-Ed Bauman

Lifestyle Recommendations:

  • Try elevating the head of your bed six to nine inches. This slant may prevent acid reflux during sleep.
  • Avoid smoking or reduce your exposure to tobacco. Cigarette smoking and use of other tobacco products is associated with an increased likelihood of experiencing NUD and GERD Michael Murray (The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods).
  • Address and reduce personal stressors by practicing relaxation and meditation.
  • Have an adequate rest and get at least 7 hours sleep nightly.

A building-cleansing diet is recommended. Alkaline-neutral-forming foods diet would seem appropriate. Osteopathic care and chiropractic adjustment would be beneficial (relaxed sphincter). High quality of whole foods, chemical free, diverse and nutrient dense diet is recommended with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, raw nuts and seeds as well as whole grains, legumes, and organic animal proteins. Then comes a cleansing diet by maintaining an alkaline-forming diet with addition of chlorophyll rich foods, herbs, and powders witch replenish minerals that are commonly missing from a non-plant based diet. It may require couple month to allow improvement/elimination these conditions.

Keep stomach acid where it belongs. In the case of heartburn and its cause, gastro-esophageal reflux prevention is crucial” -Linda B. White, M.D., (The Herbal Drugstore book)



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