Nutritional Care Packages

Initial Examination Package

a- Initial Session (1 hr ½): This session is designed to provide me with as much information as possible about your current health state condition. This will include a thorough history- a review of your diet, lifestyle habits, fitness level and environmental exposure. A Nutritional Exam will be done to provide me with objective information on your physiological and nutritional status. Symptoms Survey, Toxicity Questionnaire along Health History Background forms will be completed to analyze your symptoms that reveal themselves, and to enable me to prioritize findings initiating needed recommendation to target your individual health needs.

b- Follow-Up Session (1 hr): You will receive the Finding Report, an analysis and evaluation of your primary assessments and questionnaires. Functional assays and additional testing if needed will be discussed for further action. A personalized diet, lifestyle and environmental exposure modification and customized fitness plan will be given. A customized health therapy plan of whole food concentrates and/or botanical herbs will be issued as well to bring your body system back to normal physiological function balancing your body chemistry feeling your best. Your cost $240.00 (save $10.00)

Health Restoration Package 

3 Sessions (3 hrs ½): This package includes the Initial Examination Package and one Coaching Session to get your questions answered, resolve any concern you may have, and receive my professional advice. Your cost $330.00 (save $20.00)

Extensive Care Package

6 Sessions (6 hrs ½): This arrangement includes the Initial Examination Package (see above) and two Follow-Up Sessions for health assessments, re-evaluation, monitoring ongoing progress, addressing any other health, diet and environmental issues, and correcting more health symptoms that may still present themselves. Furthermore, two Coaching Sessions to get your questions answered to resolve any concern, and receive my professional advice. Your cost $630.00 (save $30.00)

Seminars Offered

Nutrition Seminars for Parents

Understanding the Impact of Nutritious Real Food on Your Family’s Health: The food choice you make can affect every single area of your life and your family’s. It can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. For instant, how you feel, how much energy and brain sharpness you have.

Pre-conception and Pregnancy: In order to give yourself best chance to produce a beautiful healthy baby it is important to start thinking about it before conception. Both parents’ diet must be addressed. The nutritional status of prospective parents is one of the most important factors in producing healthy offspring.

Feeding and First Foods for Your Baby: Crucial feeding method you don’t want to skip, otherwise your baby will develop a weak immunity for life. When it is appropriate to introduce solids, how to move forward in this process gradually, and more…

Smart Eating for a Healthier Happier Child: How to integrate healthier eating into your child’s lifestyle. How to replace his favorite conventional food with delicious alternative food choices. How to know which processed food is the biggest culprit for your child’s food sensitivities and allergies. Which supplement you should trust that is appropriate for your child’s age, and more…

Cost: $150.00 per family

Nutrition Seminars for Schools:

Raise awareness of holistic health and green living is a necessity to protect our children’s future. Diet, lifestyle, drugs, environmental pollution, stress…has a profound effect on what happens to children’s health today. Help them to understand the connection and the outcome of their choices, i.e. how the food they eat and products they’ll buy can affect them and the environment that may promote health or disease.

Cost: $100.00 for 1 hour class

Nutrition Seminars for Corporations:

Nutrition is a major form of health investing. When you eat poor quality food, you are dipping into the nutrient reserves in your bones, soft tissue, organs, glands, skin, and hair. You wear the results of being overdrawn nutritionally and feel the warning signs of ill health-an unhealthy appearance, fatigue, pain and mood disorder…

Processed and junk foods are manufactured to taste good, too good, that you will forget the crunch of a carrot. While it’s hard not to overeat nutrient poor, sugary, salty, greasy snack foods, it’s hard to overeat naturally satisfying, nutrient rich vegetables, seeds, legumes…

Considering a positive necessary change as a necessity in life and taking action toward it for the better will not only improve your health and ability to self-heal, but rejuvenate, grow and prosper.

I offer seminars by request. If a group of at least 4 individuals or parents would like to get together to attend a seminar, I’d be happy to travel locally to one of your homes. If you do not live in the area, simply contact me and I’ll forward the seminar material.

Topics Example:

Which foods are the biggest culprits for poor health and which foods can optimize your health

Easy, delicious healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Keep illness out of your doorstep

Dietary supplements, vitamins are not created equal…what you should know!

And more

Cost: $500.00


− Consultation Sessions are available in person, by phone or via email

− Sessions schedule is at your convenience at the beginning of your enrollment

− Health Evaluation and Finding Report can be discussed in person, by phone or sent to you as a written PDF document by mail or via email

− Any nutritional care package choice must be paid in full and in advance, and this charge is ONLY for services. Nutritional Supplements products and vitamins needed cost is NOT included.

To enroll please indicate your nutritional package choice along your payment sent:

Online via PayPal to


By mail: Check payable made to Suzanne Chucrallah sent to this address:, 1229 Parkington Ave #4, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.

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  • Hi Suzanne, we spoke many years ago and I’ve met Tony before (organic gardening stuff). I have a friend in Redwood City who has a son with severe kidney problems. I mentioned Gerson therapy but I’m not trained and looking for someone who is or may be able to help refer them to see if it’s something they may want to try. Do you practice Gerson or know someone in the Bay Area who does? Thank you, Happy Spring!

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