Wholistic Purification & Cleansing

Wholistic Purification CleansingYou’re exposed to external toxins 24/7 (pollutants, pesticides, chemicals…) as well as internally; your bodies produce waste byproducts as a result of normal metabolic function. Detoxifying once or twice a year is highly recommended to release all that which needs to pass away, all that which no longer serves life. Removing toxins from your body can assist you in maintaining a healthy weight, energy and vitality.

Your toxic load is the amount of toxins that your body needs to process. By answering the following questions, you may gain some insight as to your current toxic load.

Yes No    Do you or have you eaten processed foods?

Yes No    Do you eat non-organic fruits and vegetables?

Yes No    Do you eat meat and poultry that are not free range?

Yes No    Do you consume genetically altered food?

Yes No    Do you or have you ever used artificial sweeteners?

Yes No    Do you drink soda?

Yes No    Do the foods you eat have preservatives, additives, dyes, or sweeteners added?

Yes No    Do you eat fast foods and/or eat out regularly?

Yes No    Do you charbroil or grill foods?

Yes No    Do you drink coffee regularly?

Yes No    Do you drink alcohol?

Yes No    Do you drink tap water?

If the majority of your answers are “yes”, then it is likely that your diet contributes significantly to your toxic load. Beyond diet, many external toxins, as I mentioned above such as perfumes, cleaners, and pollution add to your load.

What to Do and How You Can Purify or Cleanse Your Body from all Unhealthy Substances?

All you need is a wholistic body purification.

A purification program can have a significant, positive effect on the biochemistry of the body while allowing natural toxins and byproducts of daily metabolism to be eliminated. By participating in a purification program you may obtain health benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased vitality
  • Better digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Improved weight management results
  •   Clearer skin
  •   Shinier hair
  •   Better sleep
  •   Clearer thinking
  •   Disappearance or lessening of past conditions

How is Purification Different than any Other Diet?

The SP Purification Program I offer is not a diet. It is a program that helps you live a healthier life by purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy body and weight.

This effective purification program emphasizes supplements and whole foods concentrates, particularly fruits and vegetables, while limiting high-calorie, refined foods and saturated fats. Nourishing yourself with real nutrient-rich foods will provide the complex combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are needed to protect your body and promote optimal health.

Spring is the best time to purify, detoxify your body. It’s very important to do regular detoxification in today’s polluted environment. Otherwise, you’ll be nourishing your body system to be a good fertile soil to grow illnesses and diseases. No wonder why cancer, obesity, Alzheimer disease…are on the rise.

Meet J.D. who did the program and received tangible result here.

To learn more details about the purification program click here.

I’m available to answer any related question in your free consultation session and get you started. It takes only 21 days along a tremendous daily support. This program is life changing, so let me help you!


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