Address & Correct Root Cause

Address & Correct Root Cause

Ignoring or postponing any health symptom can lead to illness and sometimes to irreversible body damage causing a disease. Holistic advice and consultation are needed to address and correct the underlying cause of your symptom and keep an illness or disease away from your doorstep. In my prevention practice, I look at body systems function versus pathology- before a sickness or disease dominants. An illness occurs when there’s nutritional deficiency, malnutrition, body toxicity, a body system or organ not functioning properly… holistic medicine can correct this imbalance to get the body chemistry back into balance, called homeostasis. So once again you start to feel well, vigorous and healthy. Giving proper nutrition to the human body the body has the ability to heal and repair itself. Ann’s story explains it well.

Ann (46 years old) is a computer engineer a hard-working mother for two teen girls 18 and 15 years old. Moreover, Ann is a holistic mom practicing green living.

One late afternoon, she was almost done with due a computer project when she held herself for too long from answering her body need, go to urinate. Two hours later when she was ready to go, she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried. Ann kept struggling from 6-9 pm until cramps, and pain started to take place; backache, upper legs pain, sweating and blurred vision. She felt abnormal thirst, but can’t drink for the situation already got to worsen. She ended up neither can walk nor sit. At that time, Ann supposed to prepare family dinner when she called her husband to take her immediately to the ER; she couldn’t stand this it anymore.

At the ER, the first thing got done was the use of a catheter to empty her bladder. The nurses told Ann that this was an unusual case scenario to happen to a woman; normally, men experience urine retention because of a prostate problem. This was enough to frighten Ann. A bunch of tests (blood and urine test, and CT scan) needed to be performed in order to analyze this sudden health condition,

Since Ann is a holistic rational person, she started to ask questions about the side effects of CT scan to dye injection liquid that she had to drink (4 full cups), iodine solution IV, and radiation exposure. While waiting for dye solution to take effect Ann had a mature conversation with her husband to prepare themselves for potential dreadful news like having a Cancer.

1:30 morning the ER physician walked in Ann’s room with tests result saying: “I have good and bad news. The good news is it’s not cancer. The bad news is there is a mass in the uterus and must have hysterectomy surgery (remove the uterus) asap. What happened is  the uterus mass keeps increasing in size do it’s placing a pressure on the bladder preventing you from empty it. In some other cases, it can affect the rectum, so a person can’t evacuate his/her bowel movement. For now, we need to keep the catheter, but only until tomorrow where you must be seeing by an OB/GYN for an accurate diagnosis, and to remove the catheter for if it stays longer it may cause an infection.”

Ann get discharged from the hospital came back home worried and anxious about her unexpected health problem. The first thing in the morning she called and scheduled an appointment with an OB/GYN. The nurse had to squeeze her in because of her emergency case. Meanwhile, Ann took the whole morning searching online about Uterus Fibroid surgery success percentage, possible health risks, side effects… as well as looking for potential holistic solution. She discovered terrifying consequences due to Uterus Fibroid surgery like fatigue, severe pain, hair loss, constipation, infection, mood swings, cardiovascular disease, bone density loss, early menopause symptoms, weigh gain, nausea…

Ann called El-Camino Hospital asking about two estimated price quotes for a different kind of surgeries based on her research. Here’s the hospital financial counselor message with the two estimates:

“The procedure you inquired about – DA VINCI ROBOTIC SURGERY – has an estimated total charge range of $76,000 to $97,000. As an uninsured patient, you will be eligible for a 75% discount. Therefore; your estimated responsibility range is $19,000 to $24,250. The procedure you inquired about – VAGINAL HYSTERECTOMY – has an estimated total charge range of $29,000 to $53,000. As an uninsured patient, you will be eligible for a 75% discount. Therefore; your estimated responsibility range is $7,250 to $13,250. The estimates provided here exclude your physician and other physicians providing services related to your services, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists.”

Ann has no insurance. She can’t afford neither hospital cost nor other needed related services charges.

At the OB/GYN appointment, the doctor recommended one of four choices: 1) Take Depo Lupron medicine that has really bad side effects 2) Embolization operation 3) Myomectomy surgery 4) Hysterectomy surgery.

Ann had to decide as soon as possible; she can’t keep using a temporarily catheter because it can also cause an infection. Out of desperation, Ann called her friend to share her painful story. It occurred that Ann’s friend is the wife of my bookkeeper whom he sent her my way for a possible reasonable holistic solution.

The next morning Ann called my office to schedule a private consultation. I saw her the same day where she ended up making a choice to follow my holistic advice.  Instantly, I put her on a wholefood concentrate and botanical therapeutic formula protocol that is specifically designed to support and balance her female hormones addressing her complex need. I also, customized a healthy diet to keep her estrogen hormones level low for this would help the fibroid to shrink down. Besides, Ann wanted to clean her body from dye solution that can cause kidneys dysfunction, and CT scan radiation exposure that can be a potential cancer risk in the future. So, I tailored another therapeutic formula supplement protocol to address these matters. Ann’s holistic solution cost was only $589.20.

The first day when Ann started taking her therapeutic supplements, that late afternoon, she was able to urinate without the need of a catheter. It was a lesser amount. However, in two days Ann sensed almost normal can easily empty her bladder.

In a summary, Ann’s underlying health condition cause could have been corrected way earlier by addressing and fixing her female hormonal imbalance. Consequently, being a holistic person Ann not only saved herself from going broke, but she also saved her life and her health from possible permanent mass. Furthermore, instead to pay thousands of dollars, she spent only several hundreds.

The other good news is that Ann has to keep following her customized diet and taking her maintenance supplements only until she reaches menopause where the fibroid will disappear biologically on its own. Today, Ann is symptoms free, managing her diet and living again a normal life.

It is worth to mentioning that Ann experienced mild urine retention for a year, but she never found the time to pay close attention addressing this symptom. She kept ignoring it until she was forced to find the time to dealing with her emergent illness.

Health symptoms start to take place as warning signs saying that something is going wrong and not functioning well in your body. Ann’s story is a great example not to put any health symptom on the back burner, but address and correct it momentarily before it’s too late.

Are you looking for natural help that can answer any question in mind or have symptom can’t get overcome and alleviate? I’m here to help.  Check out my Nutritional Care Packages.





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