Success and Accomplished Goals For 2013

Award of Recognition from RWC√ Unlock the Mystery of Your Migraines has been selected for the 2013 Best of Redwood City Award in the Nutritionists category by the Redwood City Awards Program. See Press Release here.


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√ My new e book “You Can Be Healthy at Any Age: 17 Practical Guidelines to a Healthy Life” is out in two formats: PDF file and Kindle. Check it out here!

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√ Integrated Zyto Biocommunication Scan in my holistic practice, so my clients would achieve better health getting tangible result. It’s the most recent high technology strategy using a computer software. All it does is it asks your body ‘questions’, and your body would ‘answer’. It interprets what your body is telling you. Discover more here…


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√ Positioned as a Certified Enhance Fitness Instructor at Sequoia YMCA branch.



dr. bruce ellen blood test HE'S CANCER FREE (2)


12,6,13 ct scan comparison CANCER FREE

√ My husband is Cancer free! His recovery got approved by his medical doctor after done a specific conventional blood test and CT Scan. This due to following a holistic therapy plan I customized and tailored for him to assist his body to repair and restored itself conquering the disease. Watch the video here.

√ Two successful clients case I’ll be sharing with you soon!

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√ Outstanding intimate relationship with my two beloved sons, 28 & 25 yr old!

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