Customize Diet & Health Therapy Plan


Customize Diet & Therapy plan

Modern life preventative alternative medicine must be tailored to every individual health need. What works for one client or patient does not necessarily work for another. For instant, a customized diet should take in consideration the body constitution. Some people have a strong body constitution while others have a weak one. As an example, if your health condition requires a purification & cleansing program and you have a weak body constitution, first you need to follow a Building Diet, then do the purification program. Otherwise, you may get sick feeling worse and wished you’ve never done it.

The same thing is with a customized health therapy plan. For instant, you may be taking some kind of calcium product believing in Osteoporosis prevention. My consequent questions to you are:

Are you taking the right format?

Is your body absorbing it?

Are you helping your bones or destroying your digestion function leading to bone loss?

Speaking of customizing a health therapy plan, when you experience a typical health symptom like a heartburn, you probably reach out for an Over-the-Counter drug. By doing this you’re masking your symptom making it worse leading yourself to unneeded health disorder. Rather, you need to address the cause of your heartburn following an individual health therapy plan that may help you combat this health issue and get your digestion health back on track.

Why it has to be customized?

Every one’s case is different; some has an upper digestion difficulty, another has both upper and lower digestion problems. Even more, you may have only low stomach acidity while other person may have it along a sluggish bile and liver function.

A holistic advice and consultation are needed to address and correct the underlying cause of your symptom to keep a disease away from your doorstep. Give proper nutrition to the human body, the body has the ability to heal and repair itself.

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