My practice approach to wellness is comprehensive with emphasis on nourishing the WHOLE person, so the body nurtures, repairs and heals itself. All body systems and organs are perfectly well designed to work synergistically achieving optimal health.

A Nutritional Therapy vs. Allopathic Therapy to helping you as a client that has the condition rather than treating the condition. It’s about biochemistry vs. chemistry by using wholesome, natural, and concentrated foods supplements integrating three keys culprit to address and correct the body chemistry (bring body biological back to balance): Diet, lifestyle, and environment. In addition to focus immediately on those issues which are most pressing to you.

Your initial visit is designed to provide as much information as possible about your current health state condition, diet habit, medical history, lifestyle activities, environmental exposure etc. This would be followed by a combination of needed nutritional evaluation techniques and tests to provide reliable real time evidence telling me what YOUR body needs:

  • Zyto Bio communication Scan
  • Nutritional Exam a light physical hands-on test including blood pressure/pulse test (sitting, lying down and standing), calcium tissue test, oral pH test and minerals test
  • Observation and evaluation of hair, eyes, nose, tongue, cheek, neck, torso, and arms
  • Nutritional Evaluation Analysis
  • Body Toxicity Level Assessment
  • Digestive Health Assessment Profile: Stomach acidity, enzymes, bile, liver, bowel movement, candida/yeast overgrowth, and parasites
  • Hair Tissue Minerals Analysis
  • Adrenals Functional Profile
  • Amino Acids Assay
  • Blood Sugar Assessment
  • Thyroid Function Assessment
  • Food and Environmental Sensitivity Assessment
  • Fatty Acids Deficiency Essay
  • Mercury Analysis
  • Electromagnetic Assessment
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Test Interpretation

Any health symptom is a warning signal saying that something is not functioning well into your body. Give your body what it needs and it is designed to repair and heal itself by incorporating good nutrition, healthy lifestyle and clean environmental exposure.

It is your choice to keep masking your symptom taking drugs which in the long run may harm your health, or address the underlying health issue that’s causing this health symptom. Consequently, you’ll be able to enjoy optimal health.

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