I use the Foundation of Nutrition Therapy (FNT) to assist your body with a balance chemistry through the examination of foundational nutrition and relevant issues, including lifestyle, diet, and environment (LED). The FNT helps conventional and holistic practitioners to make a transition from a disease-base practice to a wellness practice. I perform quick and easy physical tests looking at function versus pathology. I use health assessment tests and tools that reveal the intricate relationship between symptoms and physiological body system addressing and correcting the cause of your health symptoms.

Customized Diet & Health Therapy Plan- A customized diet and health (nutritional and herbal) supplements protocol therapy plan will be tailored and designed for your health needs. You need to consider following thoroughly to support you providing normal body physiology and repair correcting the underlying root causes of your health symptom.

Essential nutrients of raw, organic and high-quality whole foods concentrate formulate products- the body can use –will be available for your consumption based upon the indications that you may be experiencing. This is for your body to rebuild, restore and maintain its wellness state, so it can get its lost homeostasis (body biochemistry) back.

Do you know that the human body needs three months to heal and repair itself?

Everyone’s body state condition is unique and different from the others. Based on this fact, the length of your health therapy plan will depend on several elements: Unique individual biochemistry, age, constitution, background health history, medical history, body toxicity, present health conditions, ethnicity, malnutrition, nutrition deficiency, LED understanding…
Respecting and giving your body its biological term to heal and repair itself following your tailored diet and individual health therapy plan is important to get solid tangible results.

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