Children’s Health Improvement

Childrens Health ImprovementIt’s a blessing to become parents, but sometimes it’s a quite challenging to care for a sick child. The health of modern life children has progressively worsened. Many adult diseases are now affecting children as the health of children and adults declines. The latest CDC data revealed that one-third of all American children are now overweight. Incidence of childhood obesity, diabetes, allergies, asthma, digestive problems, and mental/emotional disorders are increasing at an alarming rate in our children, in some cases approaching epidemic proportions. This is a dramatic increase in the number of children falling prey to these terrible disorders deemed incurable by orthodox medicine. The sad state of our children, they are:

– Ill: 1/3 are overweight or obese, 20% have untreated dental caries, and 9% have asthma

– Overstimulated: Use entertainment media 7.5 hours/day, spend more time with media than parents, and see 110 commercials per day

– Overmedicated: 20% take psychotropic drugs, and 76% have received the basic 6-vaccine series

Moreover, children’s health also, is affected by so many other things, like genetics, eating habits, lifestyle and choices we create…

I can help you discovering the main causes of your child illness discussing his/her diet, physical activity, environmental exposure…as well as providing Eightfold Path to Childhood Wellness and what can be done to contribute to your child’s health.

“Information on nutrition is not included in the curriculum of Western medical schools and consequently doctors have very little idea about the value of nutrition in the treatment of disease. Yet appropriate nutrition is a corner-stone of any successful treatment for any chronic disease. Autism and other learning disabilities are no exception. These are many popular misconceptions in this area which have to be clarified…“- Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD

A human body has an incredible ability to repair and heal itself, if given the right help. This is particularly true for children; their health can improve fast. However, the body needs to take its biological term to recover.

Are you looking for nutritional help that can answer all your questions concerning your child’s health, behavior, habits… in your mind, and can’t find real solution? Do you:

Need to determine what your child’s health needs but you don’t know where to go or where to start?

Want to know which foods are good to your child, and how to prevent all childhood illness staring from cold/flu?

Wonder what vitamin or supplement your child need?

and more…

I can help you. Check out my Nutritional Care Packages.


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