4Bs Formula FQAs


4Bs Formula FQAs


What is The “4Bs” stands for?

The “4Bs” stands for Bring Biological Balance Back to stop a migraine prior running its course.

What does this means?

You get a migraine because your body biology is out of balance or lost homeostasis. When you fix and correct this body imbalance you bring your biological balance back and a migraine can’t find its route to you.

How Does The “4Bs” work?

There are 3 stages to a migraine: Before, During and After.

The “4Bs” works at the ‘Before’ stage. This is called the “predisposition” stage or the set off stage. The purpose of this formula is to eradicate a migraine before it starts where you need to correct the imbalance in your body’s biology- the lost homeostasis.

What’s in The “4Bs” that make it able to turn off a migraine?

The quality, quantity, and complexity of specific essential nutrients that are available in The “4Bs” help turning a migraine off. However, this work only at the FIRST sign and stage by addressing the factors behind the development of a migraine. It’s about properly nourishing and restoring the healthy functions of your body systems to forbid this disorder-migraine, whereas the body is already deficient and depleted.

What these essential nutrients do?

Your body needs those essential nutrients at those specific moments-set off stage of a migraine- to reach deeper into the disharmony of your body systems, to correct the lost homeostasis, and bring your body biological balance back into balance.

What is the difference between The “4Bs'” and other supplements?

The Shocking Truth is supplements are not created equal. They’re highly-processed food synthetic “nutraceutical” supplements, reductioned, isolated nutrients not natural; they’re never found by themselves in nature which are comprised of mostly modern nutritional therapy that only make people sicker. Similar to refined foods, refined vitamins have been robbed of all of the extra ancestry nutrients that they naturally come with as well.

The “4Bs” is High quality of raw organic, real, wholesome foods nutritional supplements products. They work in coordination together to serve your body’s health state that is in great deficiency and depletion. Your body desperately needs at those moments to reach deeper into the disharmony of your body systems while simultaneously it begins a corrective influence. Read more here…

Why should I consider taking the “4Bs”?

Taking The “4Bs” will keep you free of:

√ Pain at the first place

√ Dropping 2 or 3 days of your life

√ Suffering excruciating pain and unbearable symptoms

√ Preventing you from missing work or WORSE, losing your job.

When The “4Bs” should be taken?

You must take The “4Bs” at the FIRST sign and stage.

What is the Point of taking The “4Bs”?

Imagine…what if you can stop having a migraine, how will this benefit your productive life?

What is the difference between conventional solution (CS) and  The “4Bs”?

CS may or may not work reducing pain # The “4Bs” works before pain initiation

– CS is a pain reliever # The “4Bs” addresses and corrects originated source of your pain

What is the uniqueness of The “4Bs’?

Bring your body biological balance back, so migraine will go back away to its origin place.

What is the Market Test Results of conventional solution and The “4Bs”?

“Taking into account that a single pill for many Americans to treat a headache can cost as much as $43, according to Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugs, the overall cost to our economy totals billions of dollars and we need to focus not on the treatment of the effects, but the root of the cause.” http://www.uschirodirectory.com/index.php?option=com_flexicontent&view=items&id=268

The potential side effects of this medication targeted for headache sufferers, according to drugs.com (n.d.), are: blurred vision, change in sexual desire or ability, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness; dry mouth, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness, trouble sleeping, and weakness. Severe allergic reactions can be: rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue, chest pain, confusion, dark urine, delusions, difficulty speaking or swallowing, fainting, fast or irregular heartbeat, fever, chills, or sore throat; hallucinations, new or worsening agitation, anxiety, panic attacks, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, irritability, hostility, exaggerated feeling of well-being, restlessness, or inability to sit still, numbness or tingling in an arm or leg, one-sided weakness, seizures, severe or persistent dizziness or headache, severe or persistent trouble sleeping, slurred speech, suicidal thoughts or actions, tremor, trouble urinating, uncontrolled muscle movements (such as in the face, tongue, arms or legs), unusual bleeding or bruising, unusual or severe mental or mood changes, vision problems, and yellowing of the skin or eyes. Over the counter remedies of NSAID’s or aspirin have a long list of their own of side effects.

The more you give your body the wrong needs the more you keep getting migraines, not only this, but unintentionally creating body systems damage where most of the time is irreversible.

Competitive Analysis:

Migraine pain often causes difficulties for family and loved-ones. The search for migraine headache relief leads to considerable costs, frustration, missed work and pain.

Check this out and do the math!


Treatment Method Effectiveness Pain Cost/Session
Prescription Drug May or may not work. Has side effects After pain commence $280.00 for 12 tablets
Over The Counter Drug May work only at the beginning. Has side effects After pain commence $10.00 + for a small bottle
Botox May work only at the beginning. Has side effects Guarantee Unknown $260.00 for one time visit
Migraine surgery May or may not work May reduce the frequency and severity $500.00+
Chiropractor May work for some time After pain commence $60.00 – $99.00
Acupuncture May work for some time After pain commence $85.00
Nutraceutical Supplements Not derived from natural source Work only at the begining $25.00+
The “4Bs” Natural, safe, and works on correcting the imbalance at the set off stage of a migraine. Has no side effects Before pain Less than $5.00 each use


What is including The “4Bs” kit?

√  3 Essential Nutrients Supplement Products (40 tablets each) or 5 Essential Nutrients Ingredients (1 glass bottle 200mL)

√ Guidance List

√ First Signs List

You also get bonuses!

√ Little Things Worse Enemies List (a $190.00 value)

√ My Best 5Bs Advice (a $150.00 value)

√ Free Health Initial Consultation/Interview Form (a $120.00 value)

√ 6 Months Free Membership: “Fountain Health Club” (a $40.00 value)

What is the value of The “4Bs’ Kit?

The value of your whole package is $500.00

Your investment for 20 times applications is ONLY less than $5.00 for each use with a total of $97.00

Your saving is $400.00

How to get The “4Bs”?

Click here

What is the lead time to receive my “4Bs” kit?

Once you place an order you should receive it in 5-7 business days.

What is your promise?

Migraine Headaches is a serious problem. I’ll support you unlocking the mystery of your migraines and overpower this debilitating condition by first helping you stop migraines before they starts taking The “4Bs”, meanwhile uncover the underlying root causes of your individual unique migraine, address and correct them so your migraines don’t return.

The “4Bs” will be your saving kit, turn off a migraine before it starts, and prevent you from 2-3 days of your life.

The “4Bs” is for you to consume so that your body can absorb, digest, and assimilate. They’re an organic form of raw, real, whole, dense food. They’re considered to be taken as regular supplements along your diet. The “4Bs” products are among over 300 other certified organic nutritional supplements products that are high quality and complex.

They’re extracts and phytochemicals, naturally-occurring compounds are found in fruits, vegetables, and other living things. They’ve been used in clinical practices by an increasing number of physicians around the world for over 60 years and still continue to be used today. They’re safe, they have no side effects, and people experience tremendous results.

For full detail information on The “4Bs”click here

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