Migraine Instant Fix

“Imagine…What if You Can Avert Having a Migraine, How Will this Benefit Your Daily Productive Life?”

Dear Migraine Sufferer,

In 2003, the World Health Organization estimated that 303 million people worldwide were migraineurs. A 2004 article suggested that there are almost 20 million migraine attacks happening every day.

When you look at your future from your migraine suffering standpoint, you see so much uncertainty. You feel as if you’re carrying a weight on your shoulders, feeling drawn more and more inward making you anxious, insecure, and depressed. When you hear about a new migraine relief, medication or related information here and there it can be either an eye opening or overwhelming.  Well, the concept of telling the real truth in our today’s world has become so rare.

Are You Struggling with These Burning Questions?

  • “Is there an end to my unbearable pain?”
  • “Is there a hope? Does it exist?”
  • “Is there anyone that understands what I’m going through?”

If I didn’t take control of my migraines, I wouldn’t be even close to what I’m saying, doing, and practicing today. My personal and business success is a profound story.

If I made it and what I discovered, learned and applied worked for me and for my clients, then it’ll help you too!I understand—I’ve been there and I know exactly what you’re going through. I also, suffered from chronic severe migraines for more than 16 yrs. My life was a constant battle with one attack after the other; I had them twice a week. As a migraine died down I was left with a feeling of lifelessness, fatigue, and feeling washed out for the next day where I was preparing myself again for another one coming down on its way.

Do You:

  • Feel disconnected, losing life force and feel shutting down?
  • Ask yourself how am I going to cope with having yet, another migraine?
  • Spend time online searching if anyone has any recommendations, or is there anything that you can do about it… Is it an everyday struggle?
  • Keep wondering, if anyone would know what could be causing migraines, and what are the solutions you could use to remedy this problem? What are some preventatives that are successful?
  • Feel like you’ve had enough of an interrupted life because of your migraines. You need some relief quickly…you start to get stressed out and that makes your migraine worse…can’t do things you want to do… responsibilities have to wait until your migraine subsidize?
“How I Went From Sick and Confused to Being a Healthy, Strong Woman and Discovered My Mission In Life…”

Overcoming chronic migraines, folding over old distressful pages, and glowing – nothing else feels like it!

After I’ve been a typical mom suddenly crippled by the pain of migraines to become successful and discover a new mission for life was a big achievement and victory for my family and I.

Today, I’m a holistic health care practitioner, health and wellness consultant, a Certified Nutrition Educator(CNE) with a multiplicity of specialties. I’m a member of the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health, the founder of Noor De-Vie meet up group trying to build a strong holistic community; raising awareness of holistic health, green living, and sustainability. Moreover, a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Coach.

Believing in my self-image always leads me to maintain a high spirit, carry lots of energy to be successful and enjoy more financial freedom. I’m most grateful for my grownup boys (26 and 23 yrs old) who see a role model in me and a husband who’s very proud of my accomplishments and glad to live with an ‘actual partner’ – a happy, energetic accountable wife.

“Why Despite What You’re Taking for Your Migraines Does NOT Keep them from Coming Back?”

You’re still getting migraines because what you’re taking is not working and your body is still talking to you through unbearable pain and symptoms while it keeps receiving the wrong needs. Eventually, you keep searching around to find some kind of relief that can reduce the excruciating pain.

What if you can AVERT that pain naturally?

Let me share a piece of scientific physiological information with you. Migraine pain initiates once your Nervous System (NS) is out of balance where as your blood vessels change is size in your skull. This is the initiative cause of the horrible pain (the throbbing and pounding). Now, taking any pain reliever that is not addressing this area won’t do the job.

But… the biggest task and challenge  is to discover, address, and correct the other underlying root reasons that cause the Nervous System (NS) to be out of balance! This is addressed in my 90-day program.

“What You’re about to Hear Will Change the Way You Handle and Address Your Migraines!”

Bad things will dramatically decrease from this moment forward. I put my heart and my soul in my holistic migraine specialty practice to help you along the way on your migraine-free journey without even you being worry about feeling anxious, insecure, and lost anymore.

You’re going to hear worthwhile information on the heart and core facts on overpowering a migraine.  This new knowledge you can use right now to start taking control of your migraines. This is not just any advice, but this is an end result of a true, struggling story, and a real life HARDSHIP that lasted more than 16 yrs to find a natural holistic long-lasting solution. You’ll get the advantage of not only my experience, but that of the best of Mother Nature care, studies, and researches.

“Here is EXACTLY why this is Going to Work for You when Everything else Has Failed!”
“My # 1 Exclusive Discovery!”

Based on the above understanding of the scientific migraine setting up, I discovered and experimented a health restoration protocol based on naturally-occurring compounds and substances used over 60 yrs by thousands of practitioners. I’ll share more on this with you in moments…

Is it Possible to Turn Your Migraine Unruly Symptoms into Steps that Rule?

This can be possible ONLY in the predisposition stage of migraine setting, when you catch it right at the beginning of the provoking process. The goal is to alleviate your discomfort-your FIRST signs- to reduce the counterproductive outcome-a migraine.

The predisposition stage or the set off stage of a migraine is a critical period of time where you need to address the factors BEHIND the development of your migraine. It’s about properly restoring the healthy functioning of your body nervous systes to avoid this disorder-a migraine.

However, due to the essential nutrients – proper high quality of botanical herbs- that can put your body’s health state back into balance at those MOMENTS, will reach deeper into the disharmony of your body nervous system while simultaneously begins a corrective influence to reach an instant transformation.

The quality, quantity, and complexity of these essential nutrients are the KEY to do the job. This natural method can assist you in conquering the signs and symptoms before provoking a full blown migraine. It will assist your body with the right tools that it needs and starves to get to correct these unruly symptoms.

In fact, giving proper nutrition to the body, the human body has the ability to heal and repair itself. I call this: “Bring Biological Balance Back -The “4Bs”.

“Are You Ready for a Real Transformation?”
From this… To This!
Migraines always hold you back Make your dreams come true
Migraines keep you as a prisoner in a dark world Go out, explore, and live
Migraines keep you awake all night Enjoy good night deep sleep
Migraines separate you from your partner Gain your intimacy back
Migraines limit your functions and role Live a productive life

No one knows, understands, or realizes what you’re going through during a migraine attack except the ones who tasted it and experienced it… and I have. “More than 300 million people worldwide – about 6 to 7 percent of men and 15 to 18 percent of women – suffer from severe migraine headaches, yet to this day, it’s one of the least understood and poorly treated medical disorders”– Dr. Mercola (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/08/16/why-migraines-strike.aspx)

Bring Biological Balance Back -The “4Bs” is my result of a constant study, research, and exploration of science, physiology, and nature. This definitely includes self-experiments trying to connect the dots. The purpose of this formula is helping the body to getting its lost homeostasis back -biological balance -as quickly as possible.

It’s possible that The “4Bs” may keep you from dropping 2 or 3 days of your life, from suffering excruciating pain, unbearable symptoms, and moreover it might prevent you from missing or WORSE, losing your job.

“Beyond Words…Here’s what You Should Know!”

The “4Bs” can help you avert a migraine ONLY, if it’s taken at the FIRST SIGNS:

Some of the First Signs:

Signs and Feelings:

  • Dry mouth
  • Specific food craving
  • Mood swinging/alteration
  • Irritability and feeling not like yourself
  • Early depression and more…

“Are Your Migraines an Every Day-Struggle?”

Do they …

  • Stop you from doing the things you want to do
  • Ruin your life and make you lose ties with your family, friends, and job
  • Keep you away, invisible and afraid of what people may think of you?

Your migraines can be unpredictable, unscheduled, or cyclical. They can last for a couple of hours or days. They occupy a large portion of your life; replace your relationship with your partners, family and friends where they become your only partner. You end up being CONTROLLED by your migraines physically, mentally and emotionally feeling like you’re in captivity.

“The 3 Mystery Keys!”

While you feel your inner self is in constant conflict I invite you to visualize that turning a migraine off is a battle that you can win!  You CAN win by following these 3 keys:


5 Ground Rules to Turn Off a Migraine

  • Make the most of your effort to get an instant turnaround
  • Arm yourself with the needed tools to be well prepared to win
  • Deliver the right properties at the right time to receive good results in no time
  • Give your body what it urgently needs to get what you desperately desire
  • Replenish what your body is missing to rebuild yourself – body, mind and spirit



Be prepared in advance. You can find all the needed details in your package. Preparation is your KEY of success to win this battle. The “4Bs” must accompany you like your own shadow you need to consider it as your own ‘saving kit.’ Keep it visible under your eyesight when you’re home, or in your purse wherever you go.


Quick Action at the First Signs

Because every moment counts…dominating a migraine is a race against time before it attacks. A headache may commence during the aura so, you need to ACT as quickly as possible taking The “4Bs”.

More of the First Signs:

  • Flashing Lights
  • Shapes or zigzag lines
  • You may also experience that you don’t recognize objects or understand their use, and more…

A complete FIRST Sign List will be included your kit!

 See who did it!  She suffered for 27 years.
Now, she shares the great result with you.  Meet Yesenia who defeated her migraine by following my professional guidance one step at a time!
You can contact Yesenia here…
“Are You Maximizing the Chances of Getting Migraines by Using Band-Aid Procedures?”

“The Secret is Out!”

Finally, there’s a natural way to stop a migraine!

It’s my mission to help you overcome your migraines naturally. This is considered the first and foremost step you desperately need in order to help yourself dominate your migraines.

Remember the 3 Mystery Keys of winning the battle over a migraine attack:

  1. The 5 Ground rules to turn off a migraine
  2. Preparation in advance
  3. Quick action at the FIRST Signs

It’s time to turn unruly symptoms into steps that rule. It’s a new opportunity for you to try the power of pure nature to be in control of your life, but NOT your migraines any longer! This is your first STEP toward a new life transformation and to sustain your health gently, patiently but powerfully.

Do not let this information and knowledge get away from you!  You DESERVE happiness, health, and success in your life and nothing should be holding you back.

“What is Possible for Me?”
“No more thoughts of… ‘I have to live with it!”

All of the information on this page I have discovered, studied, and put together is true and accurate, in order to assist you in relieving your distress. Believing in the power of pure nature, overall health, and acting on the right timing, will provide you with good results. Your success on dominating migraines will always depend on your quick active action. I’ll be there for you! You’ll never feel alone anymore.


“Let Me Answer ALL Your Questions and Concerns!
 How do I know if The “4Bs” is for me?Are The “4Bs”easy to prepare and take?  What if I have any questions and would like to talk to you? But, I’m kind of hesitant!
 When should I start seeing result?What if I skip or miss any details?  What if I want to keep taking drugs?
What if I get a migraine?  Can you say more about The “4Bs”?
Have anyone tried The “4Bs” and experienced good result?  Can you say more about The “4Bs”?

“The Shocking Truth!”

“The “4Bs” is NOT Just Another Supplement!”

Americans are now spending more than $17 billion a year on supplements for health and wellness. One thing seems fairly apparent – most supplements are not helping, because not all supplements are created equal!

I’ll help you to see the clearer picture in comparison The “4Bs” to highly-processed food synthetic “nutraceutical” supplements, which are comprised of mostly modern nutritional therapy that only make people sicker. You’ve probably tried, spent time and money on supplements, stress management, homeopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic…to name just a few hoping that they may help you control your migraines and manage your pain.

I did the same; I experienced this myself when I spent over $2000.00 for more than 4 yrs trying desperately to help myself overcome my migraines naturally. I’ve tried supplements like 5-HTP, Melatonin, Q10, Feverfew, Magnesium, Serotonin, B Vitamin including B12, Butterbur… but they didn’t work; they made my migraines case worse. Back then, I didn’t know the shocking truth which I’ll reveal in moments… All I knew and believed that they must work!

“So… What is the Difference Between The “4Bs” and other Regular Supplements?”
“Wholesome Nutrients vs. Reductionism Synthetic, Isolated Nutrients”

In fact, you’re somewhat familiar with the idea that whole foods are better for you than refined foods. As an example: Black or brown rice is healthier than white rice. Whole wheat flour is better for you than white enriched flour. Why should it be any difference for vitamins?

Similar to refined foods, refined vitamins have been robbed of all of the extra ancestry nutrients that they naturally come with as well. In turn, like refined foods, refined vitamins can create numerous problems and imbalances in your body, if taken at high levels for long periods of time. They can also act more like drugs in your body, forcing themselves down one pathway or another. That’s what happened to me!

Isolated synthetic nutrients are not natural; they’re never found by themselves in nature. Taking these especially at the ultra-high doses found in most formulas today, is more like taking a drug. Studies show that the body treats these isolated and synthetic nutrients like xenobiotics (foreign substances). Xenobiotics are known to cause cancer.

Furthermore, like drugs, they can create problems for you too, if taken for a long period of time. Nature does not produce any nutrient in an isolated form! The nutrients in real whole foods are blended together in a specific unique way that work best, vigorously, and perfectly in that format.

Do you know that for an isolated nutrient to work properly in the body it needs all the other parts that are naturally present in the real whole food too, so then, they’re taken from the body’s stored supply? This is why isolated nutrients often work for a little while, then, seem to stop working. Once your body’s store of the extra nutrients is used up, the isolated nutrient you’re taking doesn’t work as well anymore. Worse yet, a deficiency in these extra nutrients can be created in your body causing new health symptoms.

Speaking of acupuncture, chiropractor, or stress management, they work temporarily; migraines keep coming back where you need to get adjusted again. Be wholesome to be a better you; it’s all in one health searching a long-term solution!

Differentiation, Uniqueness, and Market Analysis of The “4B”

The “4Bs” can assist you for 20 times application!

It’s yours ONLY for less than $5.00 for each use!

Check this out and do the math!

Treatment Method Effectiveness Pain Relief
Prescription Drug May or may not work. Has side effects After pain commence  $280.00 for 12 tablets
Over The Counter Drug May work only at the beginning. Has side effects After pain commence  $10.00+ for a small bottle
Botox May work only at the beginning. Has side effects Guarantee Unknown  $260.00 for one time visit
Migraine surgery May or may not work May reduce the frequency and severity  $500.00+
Chiropractor May work for some time After pain commence  $60.00 – $99.00
Acupuncture May work for some time After pain commence  $85.00
Nutraceutical Supplements Not derived from natural source. May work at the beginning May work only for a while  $25.00+
The “4Bs” Natural, safe, and helps correcting the body biological imbalance at the set off stage of a migraine. Has no side effects Before pain commence
 $5.00 each use

“I have Done ALL the Hard Work for You!”

“It’s Priceless!”

It took me more than 5 yrs of day-to-day commitment to discover how to overpower migraines naturally. It has become my passion to keep myself on ongoing constant study to uncover more research and more of tangible result connecting the dots of anything may assist in controlling migraines naturally. If you want to do the same, how much time and money do you think you’ll be able to invest in order to get that?

You’re already overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities where most of the time they have to wait because of a migraine.

Having migraines will cost you NOT only time and money, but it will cause declining health…

The more you give your body the wrong supplies the more you experience migraines as well as creating more damage to it. This will lead to further health complications in the soon future which will cost you a fortune to get addressed and fixed. Meanwhile, you’ll be wasting your money that you might be barely making to get the desired relief that you desperately need.

Financially, I’ve invested more than $10,000 to find the long-lasting alternative solution that worked. My intention is to share the truth with you, hold you in my heart, and walk you through. You’re not alone in this anymore until you achieve the same transformation. What would this be worth to you?

“Stop Spending a Third of Your Time in Bed!”

The ”4Bs” is a natural instant fix. This will assist you in somewhat to keep up with a job position, business responsibility, or even get more opportunities for extra financial freedom. The “4Bs” is your first step toward this transformation.

Moreover, it’ll probably keep you from losing 2 or 3 days of your life, suffering from excruciating, unbearable pain, and best of all it’ll help you stay alert, functional and productive! It’s a new healthy, natural, and possible way available to you and it’s a life-changing opportunity!

The “4Bs” acts as your rod; it’ll be always there for you. Give it a chance and you’ll experience a real change!

 “Here’s What You’re Going to Get!”

“The “4Bs” Kit Components”
  • Count Formula- 3 Essential Nutrients Products (40 tablets each): High quality of organic botanical herbs products. They work in coordination together to give the body its biological balance back and to address the disharmony of your body nervous system while simultaneously it begins a corrective influence.
  • Liquid Formula5 Essential Nutrients Ingredients (1 glass bottle 200mL): High quality of organic botanical herbs work synergistically to instantly correct the balance of your out of balance nervous system turning off a migraine.
  • Guidance List: The “4Bs” Instruction, and Preparation and helpful tips to maximize outcome.
  • First Signs List: List of the complete first signs you need to be fully aware of to apply the formula correctly to get relief instantly.

The “4Bs” Kit is Yours for ONLY $97.00

“There’s Even More for You… BONUSES!
  • Your Little Things Worse Enemies List: List of risk exposure, causes, and triggers you need to be well-informed about that have the power to initiate and activate an attack. (a $190.00 value)
  • My Best 5Bs Advice: It’s my earned built philosophy over the surviving years combating migraines challenges and passion. We all sometimes, encounter obstacles as we travel along our journey; having migraines is one of them. Bind my 5Bs at your wrist and you shall not be disappointed. (a $150.00 value)
  • Free Health Initial Consultation/Interview Form: It’s a special form that’s available only for YOU to speak out all your complaints: Physical, emotional, and mental that most of the time you keep to yourself; believing that they’re a part of your migraine, they’re common, and you need to live with it. My intention is to learn and know more about your individual unique migraine case so I can provide you with the best effective methods, tools, and protocols to help you overpowering your migraines. (a $120.00 value)
  • 6 Months Free Membership: The “Health Fountain Club” is your caring community where you can freely speak out of what’s going on with you (feelings, emotions, pain, thoughts, concerns, questions… ) and receive encouragement, support, and education from ME and from each other on the path of migraine-free journey.  It’s a circle of healing and a special place only for you where you can join forces and strength to get the needed work done on your new holistic journey. I’ll hold your hands not to fall… EVEN MORE! You’ll get access to files, tips, resources, Q&A sections, and MORE…(a $40.00 value)

The value of your whole package is $500.00

Pick the Count Formula or the Liquid Formula, either way your investment is ONLY $97.00

You save $400.00

“Keep The “4Bs” by Your Side Anytime and Anywhere!”

You’re not only saving yourself pain, but also time and money on searching in the wrong places getting no result. You’ll know it, your decision to order The “4Bs” NOW will turn out to be one of the smartest thing you’ve ever done regarding overcoming your migraines. Who said approaching wellness and optimal health can’t be affordable! The reason why I’m being very generous with this is to encourage you to establish a strong holistic foundation that you can experiment, trust, and count on to continue leading the way of taking a full control of your migraines.

I feel your pain, frustration, and confusion… My intention is to help you to unlock the mystery of your individual migraines and live pain and captivity free.

“It’s Time for You to Be Heard, Understood, and Supported!”

The more you wait to give your body the right needs the more you get migraines creating internal body damage that can become irreversible! Worse of all it’s throwing your money down in the drain. Furthermore, you start your day not being able to think clearly and function properly. Do you agree that poor mental health is way worse than poor physical health?

“Have Peace of Mind by Giving Your Body Permission!”

My intention to prove to you that true health restoration can be found only in pure nature. Trust Mother Nature that already has done all the work for us. It provides us real, wholesome, good and dense food; full of nutrients that our body needs and designed to get, digest, and assimilate in order to function properly. But not industrialized food, synthetic, or man made artificial foods.

We’re part of Mother Nature the same as plants and animals. As a population we become sick; we live away from our origin pure, fresh, and clean environment. As we all observe changes into our world, global warming, pollution, toxicity, chemicals, artificial foods (GMO), and non-consuming foreign substances… to name just a few. All these cause a disharmony-a lost of homeostasis- in our body systems that lead to a myriad of health conditions including migraines. Based on my experience and practice, lots of study and researches, in two words I can say: Migraines are a result of body lost of homeostasis (biological balance).

The “4Bs” is made out of organic, real, wholesome foods. They’re considered to be taken as regular supplements along your diet. The “4Bs” are among over 300 other certified organic nutritional supplements products that are high quality and complex.


“It’s Time for a Real Change!”

If for any reason the “4Bs” didn’t meet your expectation, you can certainly use it differently! A fully constructed packet of information and instruction will be available for you on how to use their great benefits along with your diet to improve your overall health. This will be available to you upon your request. Taking The “4Bs” is a win-win opportunity; you have nothing to lose!

The “4Bs” is not a medicine. To make an informed and educated decision click here.

It’s your chance to take quick action and get what your body is asking you for!

“3 Reasons to Get the “4Bs”, NOW!”

  1. The “4Bs” is a new holistic opportunity available for you to taste Mother Nature’s intended care
  2. The “4Bs” is your companion to count on to keep at your side
  3. The “4Bs” is your first step toward a pain-free journey to start reshaping your life
“Why You Should Act, NOW!?”

This is a limited time price offer where it’s subject to go up!

And…get it NOW, before most of bonuses disappear!

Remember you get it ALL:
  • 3 Essential Nutrients Products ($97.00)
  • Guidance List (Included)
  • First Signs List (Included)
  • Little Things Worse Enemies List (a $190.00 value)
  • My Best 5Bs Advice (a $150.00 value)
  • Free Health Initial Consultation/Interview Form (a $120.00 value)
  • 6 MONTHS Free Membership: “Fountain Health Club” (a $40.00 value)

Get the ultimate benefit from the real world- purely natural- to real you and start a new journey you deserve!

The statement and products herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Yes, I’m ready for the real change!
Count Formula

Liquid Formula

Yes, you can bring an end to your migraines,

Suzanne Chucrallah, CNE
P.S. The “4Bs” is NOT a permanent relief. It’s a short-term goal you can count on until we address the underlying CAUSES of why your migraines keep coming back. This protocol is to support and correct the disharmony that initiates the activity of an attack at the first place… so that your pain will melt right off of your body. You’ll rule the unruly symptoms to transform them to a positive behavior and thinking. You’ll be amazed that all of those compounds derived from pure nature are the starting point for your health restoration without the chance of crippling side effects. No more thoughts of “I have to live with it…” Get started right now by clicking the link above.
I hope by now, you’re positive, sure, and confident that I am completely dedicated to your health, wellness, and pain-free journey. The “4Bs” and my upcoming 90 Days Program represent not only my own unique methods and experience, but also represent thousands of hours of research, hundreds of books, professional certifications, and all of the latest cutting-edge science in the fields of nutrition and health. No other program has put together research from so many disciplines to make it EASY for you to finally succeed.
“Suzanne is always there for me through my weaker times”Sahar M.,CA

Business Owner
“Suzanne is an incredible nutritionist educator who is dedicated to her work and compassionate to her clients. For the past 3 months Suzanne Chucrallah has been working with me to tackle my migraines disorder holistically. Her dedication to finding alternative relief was a result of her personal battles. She suffered from migraines for many years. She overcame it through natural/holistic care and in return was inspired to help others like myself. I truly believe that Suzanne’s driving force in the way she is diligent in working with women to live migraine free is a gift from God. In Galatians 5:22 God speaks to us about the fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, faith. Qualities we must strive to acquire and maintain.” The past couple of months have been difficult for me as I have struggled to have and keep the faith in natural medicine versus medical science. For more than 20 years I was dependant on drugs prescribed by my doctors to alleviate the pain of a migraine attack. There are many times when I struggle and feel like surrendering back to my old ways. However, Suzanne is always there for me through my weaker times when I want to rush back to my bottle of Imitrex/Vicodin/…, with handholding and not letting me give in. She gives her time whether over the phone or in person in order to provide me with encouragement, advice and prayer. I know that the road to healing is still ahead and I must not stray from the path of natural healing but I am thankful I have Suzanne to guide and aide me through it for my long-term well-being.
“Thank God I met Suzanne!”Majeda Chekrallah, LebannonTeacher
“I was really surprised when I first met Suzanne, especially when I knew that she has helped herself to overcome chronic migraines she had to suffer from for more than 16 yrs. That show on her family and her good health. I asked Suzanne to help me with my thyroid problems because after 2 yrs of taking medications, I felt that my body becomes very weak. She was so generous, supporting me to rebuild my health one step by step. She even assisted my whole family by providing prevention easy to follow tips and techniques to achieve wellness and optimal health. Thank God I met Suzanne, every time I observe how active and clever my toddler (29 mth old) is, I feel blessed and fortunate. Thank-you Suzanne for helping us to stay healthy!”
“I fell into the caring hands of Suzanne and she helped me find alternative methods that worked and best of all they were natural, there were no side effects, and they worked!”Amanda EstelitaAmanda Estelita, CA Child and Family Development
“Suzanne Chucrallah has assisted me in my time of need when I felt I had lost everything in concern to my body. I felt like I could not go through the day and live normally until I came upon her support and her advice. After adjusting my lifestyle to where it suits both myself and the dietary supplements she had suggested for me to take I have improved my overall health. Doctors were testing me and treating me for everything coming to the same conclusions making me feel insecure and obtuse. They had finally told me the medicine they gave me should be working and that what I personally was feeling and experiencing was all in my head. I was at my wits end – depressed and with nowhere to turn I fell into the caring hands of Suzanne and she helped me find alternative methods that worked and best of all they were natural, there were no side effects, and they worked! She got me back to feeling happier and healthier than ever. Not only did it improve my body, but my relationships. I could take on my hours at work and more tasks. I was back to my old self again and I have her to thank for everything!”


Unlock the Mystery of Your Migraines

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