B Complex Deficiency Syndrome-BCDS (continue)

…it’s so important, it needs repeating almost yearly. If you are sick with anything at all, you must first rule out your prescription drugs as the cause. In fact, consider that your prescription drugs are the cause of your health problems until proven otherwise.

Ruling out BCDS can be done easily by simply changing your diet and taking a real B-complex supplement that contains every part of the B complex, including parts that we may not even know about. The only supplement that can do this is one made from whole-food concentrates and extracts. Any and all other high-potency B-vitamin products are incomplete at best, and at worst can exacerbate BCDS by inducing B-vitamin imbalances on top of an already existing deficiency, the more potent these products are, the more problems they can induce.

Treating for BCDS must be done before embarking on prescription therapy. The reason is simple. The list of drugs that might be prescribed for all the conditions that can be caused by BCDS is endless. And multiple-prescription drug therapy to cover up symptoms caused by a B-vitamin deficiency can spell disaster. Not only will you remain unhealthy, you will suffer multiply and complex side effects. And some of these, especially those caused by heart and psych drugs, can be deadly…” Health Alert, When All Other Treatment Fail, Dr. Bruce West, May 2011/Vol 28, Issue 5


Since I overcame migraines this specific formula of B complex must be a part of my daily supplementation protocol, why? Because migraines caused irreversible damage into my body system! For this reason, this phenomenal real formula helps me maintain my body homeostasis biological balance. I can’t live without it; although it must be a part of every one of us diet supplementation for our foods is deficient of B-vitamin.

I invite you to check back the previous BCDS blog http://www.unlockthemysteryofyourmigraines.com/blog/blog/b-complex-deficiency-syndrome/and read B Complex Deficiency Syndrome list and match your symptoms to it. You’d discover yourself that one of the underlying root causes of migraines is BCD.


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